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Grand Unification Theory of Cancer

Published on August 6, 2018

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Inflammation is inseparable from lower pH, oxygen, CO2 and cell energy levels, which of course would track with cell temperature, respiration and elimination. A grand unification theory of medicine would describe this area of physiology where certain things are happening simultaneously. There is a point where one cannot separate oxygen from CO2 levels because they are locked into a tight mathematical relationship. The same is true about pH and cell voltage. As CO2 levels go south with O2 levels, pH dives as does cell voltage.

Given enough time, cancer will develop whenever there is a proliferation of damaged cells and when oxygen levels fall far enough. When cells are damaged, when their cell wall permeability changes, when toxins and free radicals build up, when the mitochondria lose functionality in terms of energy ATP production, when pH shifts to the acidic in cells, when essential gasses like carbon dioxide are not present in sufficient concentrations, and when essential nutrients are absent, and stress levels are high enough, cells will eventually decline into a cancerous condition.

In trying to understand cancer we must leap over many hurdles and pass through minefields of deliberate confusion like in climate science or politics. Just like we have fake news we have fake medicine. Unfortunately, in medicine false ideas and practices kill people or lead to years of suffering.

I could have entitled this a Dear readers newsletter for it will be informal, but it is announcing a series of chapters that I will begin to publish this week about one of the most important subjects that too many people are facing—cancer. These chapters will go into the second edition of Hydrogen Medicine—Combining Hydrogen with Oxygen and CO2. This newsletter is actually the preface to the series, which I hope will get a wide viewing.

I have written a 2,500-page compendium on cancer, its causes and treatments. However, even knowing cancer I was thrown for a loop watching, what seemed like to me, a most ridiculous video. Seems like there is a slew of people who react badly to the fervent alkaline water sellers who preach that cancer cannot survive in a high oxygen alkaline environment. Would have been more accurate if they said cancer has a tough time surviving in high oxygen alkaline environments or said a little stronger—cancer hates high oxygen alkaline environments.

Tywon Hubbard’s H2 Hydrogen Minutes video demonstrates obliviousness to what is important about cancer and oxygen.

“Otto Warburg did not win his Nobel Prize for discover the root cause of cancer What his research actually said regarding cancer and pH is that cancer excretes acid to the surrounding tissues in order to keep itself around the 7.4 pH. So essentially, acid doesn´t cause cancer but cancer causes acid. What he actually observed was that cancer switches to an anaerobic method of energy production even when there´s plenty of oxygen present,” said Hubbard.

Tywon Hubbard seems to have taken his materials from Tony Isaacs on the Truth About Cancer site. Isaacs said, “There have been many “prime causes” of cancer put forward, such as fungus, bacteria, viruses, parasites, stress, low pH, and on and on. But notably, virtually every one of those has been around for thousands and thousands of years. What has not been around and what tracks exactly with the increased incidence of cancer is toxins.”

This is mostly true but what Isaacs and Hubbard leave out is that the general population today is deficient in oxygen primarily because modern man has become a fast, shallow breather, which drives down CO2 levels in the blood, which compromises oxygen delivery to the cells according to the Bohr Effect. Of course, the toxicity we are all having to deal with is driving a stake through our cells lives. Toxicity itself is a main cause of cancer and a main reason oxygen delivery to the cells is compromised.

However, ninety percent of people today breathe above the medical norm, which itself in medical textbooks has been shifted up over the last 60 years to reflect the changes in recent generations that are increasingly stressed and breathing too fast.

Isaacs says, “Simply stated, cancer cells have low oxygen because they quit taking in oxygen for respiration as part of the cancer process itself. Similarly, it is the cancer process itself which causes the body to become increasingly acidic. The body labors mightily to maintain blood pH within a narrow range (7.35 – 7.45) and most people first get cancer when their pH is at or close to the normal range. As the cancer progresses, the body becomes increasingly acidic.” He is talking about the blood not the pH of the cells themselves nor the interstitial fluids. The truth is cancer cells have low oxygen because they were born and live in low oxygen environments.

Issacs and Hubbard would have us believe that cancer develops out of the clear blue, or that there is plenty of oxygen and cancer just decides to stop taking it. They both misrepresent the work of Otto Warburg who very much did indicate that hypoxia (low oxygen) and toxins are prime causes of cancer.

This is not a Cart comes before the Horse Joke

Cancer cells have low oxygen because their cell walls are compromised, because they are not receiving enough oxygen because there is not plentiful oxygen available. In everyone, for multiple reasons, oxygen levels go down in certain tissues and they are the ones most vulnerable to respiration disturbances on the mitochondria, which eventually force them to go cancerous.

Simply stated cancer cells have low oxygen because of their hosts breathing problems, stress levels, nutritional deficiencies and toxic loads, which includes increasing levels of background radiation, and an obscene number of medical tests and treatments that use radiation, all of which are poisoning us. Nutritional deficiencies cause toxins to become more toxic. Medical science knows that many factors are driving down oxygen delivery to the cells, just some people cannot r do not want to understand that.

Isaacs gets it right when he says, “Relying solely on either oxygen or increased pH to beat cancer is not advisable.” First, when it comes to dealing with the necessary gases of life, hydrogen, oxygen and CO2 should be employed together, not oxygen alone. A full protocol that addresses detoxification, immune system function and full remineralization are necessary to back up intensive oxygen treatments, which when done right, are capable of carpet-bombing cancer cells out of existence.

Wrong Again

Dr. Otto Warburg did not win the Nobel Prize for finding that cancer cannot live in an oxygen rich though all his work suggested that oxygen rich alkaline environments are not what encourage cancer cells. Obviously there are exceptions to the rule so for instance, a person who has a great alkaline diet can still get cancer.

However, young cancer cells do not begin their uncontrolled ways in oxygen enriched environments, they begin their lives under hypoxic conditions and that is why intense oxygen therapy pulls the rug out from under cancer by removing the basic condition that makes cancer cells virulent.

As we shall see in the coming series, oxygen high alkaline conditions make cancer cells weak and less resistant to treatment. Breathing oxygen or enriching the oxygen content of hypoxic (low in oxygen) cancer tissues improves therapy. Cancers low in oxygen are three times more resistant to radiotherapy. Restoring oxygen levels to that of a normal cell makes the tumors three times more sensitive to treatment.

Tumors with large areas with low levels of oxygen (areas known as hypoxic regions) are associated with poor prognosis and treatment response. Tumors rely on hypoxia to promote their own expansion. Hypoxia is a key factor driving tumor progression.

Dr. Chiang and colleagues at Burnham Institute for Medical Research (Burnham) say, “Cells initially shut down the most energy-costly processes, such as growth, when they’re under hypoxic stress.”[1] Pure oxygen at three-and-a-half times normal air pressure adds significantly to the effectiveness of a natural compound already shown to kill cancerous cells.

All of these points will be made in depth in the series, which sustains the idea that hypoxia is one of or is the main physiological state that leads to intensive oxidative stress, inflammation in the capillaries and overall lowering of oxygen availability to the body’s tissues and cells.

Low-Acid, High-Alkaline Equals High Oxygen

Dara Chadwick, writing on Cure said, “For years, a pervasive theory has existed that eating a low-acid, high-alkaline diet can help fight and prevent cancer. The premise? Cancer cells thrive in acidity (low pH), but not in alkalinity (high pH), so a diet high in alkaline foods like fruits and vegetables that also limits acidic foods, such as those from animal products, will raise blood pH levels and create an environment in the body that discourages cancer growth.” Her comment, “this is not exactly true.”

Dianne Piepenburg, writing Minnesota Oncology said, “The myth of the need to make the body more alkaline does not have significant value in respect to cancer cell growth or development.” So, one can eat all the worst acid forming foods and drink Coke by the gallon and so what. Little do such people know that alkaline means more oxygen, much more.

One cannot have cancer, heart disease, diabetes, be obese and have normal oxygen levels at the same time. Hypocapnia (CO2 deficiency) in the lungs and, in most cases, arterial blood is a normal finding for chronic diseases due to prevalence of chronic hyperventilation among the sick.

An understanding of the pathogenesis of disorders, including cancer, in which hypocapnia is a constitutive element is necessary to understand cancer. Hypocapnia is a universal constant in disease. We can perceive long term trends seeing hypocapnia long before serious illness and cancer set in. Hypercapnia (high CO2 levels) on the other hand protects against the damaging effects of ischemia or hypoxia.

Hubbard is standing in quicksand saying, “This is actually called the Warburg effect. So, basic cancer does just as well in the oxygenated environment as it does a hypoxic environment.” He had to keep repeating “Warburg did not win his Nobel Prize for discover the root cause of cancer,” to try to make people believe that oxygen is not a factor in cancer when it very much is.

It was difficult listening to people’s confusion about what Tywon had to say about acid conditions having nothing to do with cancer. I wrote him and asked him to take the video down and offered to help him set the record straight. He refused. People’s lives are at stake thus my motive for going public taking this confrontation onto the medical streets.

According to Keiichi Morishita in his book, Hidden Truth of Cancer, if blood starts to become acidic, then the body deposits the excess acidic substances in cells so that the blood will be able to maintain a slightly alkaline condition. This causes those cells to become more acidic and toxic, which causes a decrease in their oxygen levels, which of course causes cancer.

Before we leave this confrontation behind us we must mention what Hubbard said to try to convince us one more time. “But if were true that low oxygen causes cancer and high oxygen prevented cancer, then there would be differences in those living in low elevation and those living in high elevation. But guess what? There is a difference, but research shows that cancer rates are lower where oxygen levels are lower. Interesting,” says Hubbard.

Not very interesting. In fact, one can find exactly the opposite in research. Populations living in extremely cold or high-altitude environments have genes that boost survival but that also predispose individuals to cancer later in life, especially lung, breast, and colorectal cancer, according to researchers. In another report we read, Living at high altitude was associated with a higher prevalence of cancer and also with a high mortality rate due to cancer.

I want to remind people this is just the preface to a series of essays that will deeply probe cancer and its cause. It is also a reminder of why some people throw in our faces, “Where did you get that information from, the Internet?”

What can I say about people who almost singlehandedly want to take on hardcore medical science. I am not talking about pharmaceutical science, which is not science at all. I am talking about the sum of clinical experience, university research and the work of some of the greatest medical scientists of all times. In the series we shall see what many professionals have to say about the crucial question of oxygen and cancer.

[1] Burnham Institute. (2009, August 9). Unraveling How Cells Respond To Low Oxygen. ScienceDaily. Retrieved February 7, 2014 from

Dr. Mark Sircus AC., OMD, DM (P)

Professor of Natural Oncology, Da Vinci Institute of Holistic Medicine
Doctor of Oriental and Pastoral Medicine
Founder of Natural Allopathic Medicine

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