Climate Insanity to the 10th Power

Published on October 31, 2022

Sometimes it is hard, even for me, to put into words a description of how insane our world has become. I have recently been writing about the sickness of our leaders and mainstream institutions. However, even our psychologists miss the boat in diagnosing the extreme pathological lying that is going on about everything. Living in a world of lies tends to create severe emotional and mental disturbances, and those who promote the lies tend to become psychopaths.

Starting with the head of the United Nations, who tells us that climate change is the defining issue of our time. The man-made global warming scam is a war against us, against the entire human race of carbon-based life, with Bill Gates telling us the only way to get to zero carbon is to get rid of most of us. They want us to get to zero carbon which is absolute scientific insanity. The suicidal war on so-called “fossil fuels” like coal, oil, and natural gas is not rational when it’s becoming obvious (look at Europe) that no nation can survive without them.

The elite could care less about climate change.
They all travel to 
Davos in private jets.

However, we have heard about population reduction since Gates was a kid. More than half a century ago, Planned Parenthood produced a memo that compiled proposed population control strategies, including “restructuring the family,” encouraging homosexuality, tax-funded abortion, and sterilization. The wrong people are running our planet. The worst people imaginable are on top of the human heap.

Because the mainstream, meaning the elites are so good at lying that they lie about everything. The next most significant lie in history is that COVID genetic injections are safe and effective. That was enabled decades ago when the belief was accepted that vaccines were the best thing that ever happened to medicine. COIVD genetic vaccines are now showing us the truth that they are the worst thing that ever happened to humanity.

Then, of course, the lies about war are ever present. Think of 9-11 and the Kennedy assassination when you want to believe how big and long-living lies can be. The information war is the worst kind, and it is ruthless.

Climate Hysterics

Hard to believe, but we read New Zealand’s government proposal taxing farm animals’ greenhouse gas emissions as part of its efforts to reduce the pollution causing climate change. The tax would be the world’s first on animal emissions, including those from burps and urination, which contribute to rising global temperatures.

As a byproduct of their digestion, livestock such as cows and sheep release methane — a greenhouse gas that causes 80 times as much warming as carbon dioxide in its first 20 years in the atmosphere. That includes methane in flatulence and manure, but burping is animals’ most significant methane source.

We Need More Animal Flatulence, Not Less

If this were true, we should be encouraging more livestock because we desperately are going to need more, not less, greenhouse gas emissions because our planet is going into a deep freeze, and that is apparent to anyone paying attention to climate reality, to what is actually happening on the ground, not in climatologists minds.

Climate activists have gotten violent and even crazier than ever. They feel that their objectives justify their means. However, everything they predict—total planetary destruction—very shortly if traditional energy sources aren’t dumped immediately, and forever, by governments across the world – has no basis in reality since the globe is cooling, not heating.

No politician, police force, or military unit will ride to our rescue. Nothing will save us from the increasing violence of our climate and the violence of political leadership that wants as many of us dead as possible. So we have no choice but to depend on ourselves to do the exact opposite of what they tell us to do.

On Oct 18, the mainstream press reported that 50 million in the U.S. face below-freezing temperatures. “Fall is feeling like winter in parts of the upper Midwest as a weather system brings cool temperatures and snow. More than a foot of snow blanketed parts of Michigan, while other states like Wisconsin saw almost six inches.” Those who still believe and trust the mainstream warming narrative should remember they said there would be no snow.

Sure, no snow! AN INTENSE 12-HOUR BLIZZARD HITS CANADA’S NORTH. The onset of winter maybe two months away, but swathes of North America are getting an early taste. Canada had only just suffered a record-breaking bout of snowfall –across the West– which disrupted travel and caused power outages to tens of thousands of homes. The polar outbreak came as quite a shock after summer-like warmth had gripped the area just days beforehand.

The following day we read that an early-season winter storm pounds parts of the Great Lakes; snow totals smash records in Marquette, Michigan. The same day we read that the coldest air of the season swept across the eastern U.S., spreading freeze alerts to Florida.

I believe this is a fake picture, but probably only when it snows in Miami will the climate maniacs get beaten to a pulp. But freezing alerts for northern Florida in October should be close enough for any reasonable person to see that global warming is not something we should be afraid of. Instead, we should be fearful of world leaders and politicians everywhere who are not interested in truth but only in their false narratives about everything.

Plunging Arctic air descended as far south as the Gulf of Mexico, including Florida. As a result, on Thursday the 20th morning, truly remarkable temperature readings were logged across the Southeast. Crestview, Cross City, and Tallahassee were among the Floridian locales to suffer their earliest freezes ever, with lows of 28F, 31F, and 31F, respectively.

This winter will be a great real-world test. The Farmers’ Almanac is predicting another extreme season — winter. “Frigid temperatures should flow into many areas nationwide. “This winter will be filled (with) plenty of shaking, shivering, and shoveling,” the Farmers’ Almanac said.

I hope you get the overall picture. It is going to cost you more, much more, to stay warm this winter. U.S. consumers can expect to pay up to 28% more to heat their homes this winter than last year due to surging fuel costs and slightly colder weather, the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) projected in its winter fuels outlook. In Europe, prices are much higher.

Remember those idiotic politicians who told us
we only had 12 years before we fried a few years ago?

NOAA has even picked up the cool-down: Despite the agency’s warm-mongering bias, its ‘Weather Records’ tool shows that over the past days (Oct 17 – Oct 23), a total of 20 new *monthly* low-temperature records were set across the United States, versus just the 3 for record warmth.

This is a graph of the Greenland ice sheet. Does not look like warming at all! Despite baseless mainstream protestations to the contrary, the Greenland Ice Sheet is not only not shrinking but EXPANDING.

Reality is upending the global warming narrative, but as we all know, our politicians and climate scientists are not into reality. The world is facing catastrophe. That is an apparent reality, and it is not just climate-driven but political, social, financial, and economic.

Some good news: Sweden is getting rid of its Environment Ministry. While in Canada, the new premier of Alberta has cut ties with the World Economic Forum, apologized to those who were prosecuted during lockdowns, and offered the unvaccinated their jobs back.

Cold Stresses and Kills

For thousands of years, Chinese medicine has noted cold, damp conditions as a cause of disease. Being too hot or too cold is a cause of death among vulnerable populations. But, of course, changes in seasons and quick changes in temperatures make us especially vulnerable. In general, weather extremes of any kind will place additional stress on the body.

A year ago, we read in the New York Post:

Headlines from around the world tell us of hundreds of deaths caused by recent heat waves. The stories invariably blame climate change and admonish us to tackle it urgently. But they mostly reveal how one-sided climate-alarmist reporting leaves us badly informed.

Cold restricts blood flow to keep our core warm, increasing blood pressure and killing through strokes, heart attacks, and respiratory diseases. Yet, cold deaths are rarely reported because they don’t fit the current climate narrative. Of course, if they were just a curiosity, the indifference might be justified, but they are anything but. Each year, more than 100,000 people die from cold in the United States and 13,000 in Canada — more than 40 cold deaths for every heat death.

Cold climate change, not global warming, should frighten us enough to start preparing as soon as THIS WINTER. Are you ready to pay for all the heat you need to avoid freezing to death? Europeans might be unable to get enough energy to keep them warm no matter how much money they have because of the energy crisis and the Russian war.

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