Not Enough Energy To Keep 8 Billion People Warm On A Cooling Planet

Published on November 20, 2021

This bear is pleased to know that he has much more ice to play around with as the polar ice sheet expands and thickens. Instead of no ice, as predicted by global warming ambulance chasers, ice is growing fast at the end of 2021. As a result, this bear knows more about what is going on in the Arctic than all the climate change experts on the planet.

Last week, Arctic sea ice was approaching 10,000,000 km2 — the second-highest ice extent of any of the previous 15 years. However, already this week, we will witness the highest Arctic sea ice extent of the past two decades, according to NSIDC data. By the end of December, it’s anyone’s guess how much more will accumulate.

Much the same is happening at the South Pole. The recent averaged temperature of -61.1C (-78F) was the region’s coldest 6-month spell ever recorded, and it comfortably usurped the previous coldest winter on record: the -60.6C (-77F) from 1976.

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Dr. Mark Sircus AC., OMD, DM (P)

Professor of Natural Oncology, Da Vinci Institute of Holistic Medicine
Doctor of Oriental and Pastoral Medicine
Founder of Natural Allopathic Medicine

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