SECTION - Causes and Characteristics of Cancer - Part 1
Causes and Characteristics of Cancer - Part 2
Hydrogen Medicine
Magnesium Medicine
Bicarbonate Medicine
Iodine Medicine
Diets, Fasting and Super-Nutrition
CO2, Cancer and Breathing
Oxygen Therapy for Cancer Patients
Cannabis Medicine
Final Considerations

Lesson 1 – General Thoughts on Cancer

People will naturally be afraid of cancer if they are uneducated about it. However, cancer is not something to be so greatly feared once we understand what it is, why we have it, and what we can do about it. A cancer education gives us a lot of power to prevent cancer, keep healthy and treat it successfully.

Oncologists should be so educated but it seems they prefer not to be and for some sick reason they do not want us to be either. It would be simple enough to make high school or college classes about cancer, its treatment and certainly its prevention but that would threaten doctors and their teachers in medical schools.   

Modern oncology would like you to be optimistic about your chances of surviving your cancer, if you follow their mainstream cancer treatments, yet we find that cancer has overtaken heart disease as the leading cause of death in wealthy countries. Not an exceptional testimony to their work. 

Publishing the findings of two large studies in The Lancet medical journal, scientists are showing evidence of a new global "epidemiologic transition" between different types of chronic disease. In rich countries where patients and insurance companies throw billions at cancer treatment, and its diagnosis, cancer now kills twice as many people as heart disease. Something is seriously wrong with how oncologists view cancer, its causes and its treatments. They posture about how their principle treatments are the only way without quite admitting that they are failures at keeping people alive.

If you are ever faced with cancer, which most see as a terrible disease, always remember that it can be conquered if you know and understand what cancer is, what causes it and thus how to treat it. However, when under the care of mainstream oncologists, cancer treatments can often be like being hit by a speeding truck that breaks your body and spirit. Just ask people who have gone through chemo and radiation therapy. It is extremely difficult to ascertain what is worse, the cancer itself or the chemo, radiation and the doctors patients have to deal with.

Actually that truck hits the minute the oncologist opens his or her mouth with the “C” word. Oncologists are like vultures who take advantage of our ignorance and vulnerabilities. There are many kinds of abuses that play on these dynamics, the hurt of which can last a lifetime or end up with our death. Basically, with oncologists, its there way or the highway.

The most common experience people have when receiving a cancer diagnosis is to immediately be filled with fear. Naturally we have an innate fear of the unknown, which the oncologist takes full advantage of. Often, as the above video discusses, and many practitioners sustain, it is the stress we have been living with for years that brought us to cancer’s door so the last thing we need is more traumatic stress from our encounters with our oncologist.

As a matter of habit oncologists like to rush patients into treatment, with the fear of death thrown in our faces if we don’t do something immediately. When a doctor stimulates a patients fear they are abusing us in a terrible way at a terrible moment. People who have run ins with psychopaths know there are, in reality, many forms of abuse, so be forewarned, be prepared and have your shields up. Knowledge and information about cancer make our best shields. Our ignorance is our oncologists best weapon. 

Many patients who follow traditional Allopathic medicine for cancer care are stunned by the number of doctors and specialists they need to consult, with no one really being in charge. Patients do not have a number or someone to communicate with if they have any questions. There is rarely a medical expert who’s in charge of your follow-up care and no counselor to help you weigh the advice of different doctors who are certain they are right about what you need to do.

In traditional medicine there is no plan given to you for the next six months after you have been "successfully" treated and no guidance to your family or anyone about how to avoid getting cancer in the first place. Would be nice to have some hints about strategies to avoid cancer re-occurrences and what we could be doing before our “nightmarish” cancer treatments are administered and what we need to do to survive the toxic fare of orthodox oncologists.

Most people realize a patchwork of frustrating care with no champion or trusted figure to lean on. In the old days, the general practitioner held down the fort for a person and their family. Most people do not get straight answers out of their oncologists and they never will. How long does the average person with cancer live under the care of mainstream oncologists? What is my likelihood of a cure? If I cannot be cured, will I live longer with treatment? How much longer?

Oncologists cannot inform patients on alternatives to their treatments because they risk losing their right to practice medicine if they fall out of line with the lockstep thinking of pharmaceutical oncology and their FDA/CDC overlords. 

More than we can possibly believe is affected
by the belief systems of our particular doctor

The fact that in today’s medical system diagnosis and treatment require a seemingly endless stream of appointments with oncologists and radiologists who do not always agree, which complicates the confusion, and thus our suffering. Facing death or the loss of a loved one is difficult and painful. In the middle of that, dealing with insistent doctors with conflicting and vague communications is often too much.

Turnkey Cancer Treatment Program

Conquering Cancer contains a turnkey cancer treatment program that can be set up by any practitioner, clinic, spa, or hospital or by patients and their families at home. This course can be viewed as an army field hospital set-up guide that can be followed independently or with very little consultation with health-care professionals.

The course can be seen as a library on cancer or a long series of consultations. The course is a medical text written in plain language offering guidance without equal in the world of natural oncology. The goal of Conquering Cancer is to offer a new paradigm in cancer care. A natural paradigm that obviates most of traditional surgery, chemotherapy and radiation.

The Natural Allopathic Medicine protocol is powerful and at the same time extraordinarily safe because nutritional medicines, not pharmaceuticals, are employed. They are mostly water-based highly concentrated nutritional medicines, not chemical, and the supreme ones are magnesium bicarbonate, magnesium chloride, sodium bicarbonate (baking soda), liquid selenium, sulfur, iodine, glutathione and Vitamins A,B, C and D. These all can be safely and legally dispensed from yours or anyone’s cancer kitchen at high dosages to maximum effect. It also includes healing medical gases like hydrogen, oxygen and CO2.

Slowing Cancer Down Safely

If we are not one of the lucky ones who have stumbled on a pathway to avoid cancer, and are freaking out after hearing the “C word,” take comfort that the majority of cancer diagnoses are not medical emergencies. It means we have time to study our options and decide calmly what we are going to do. Though we all die eventually we do not have to die from cancer even if it is at a late stage; though the later the state the more difficult the battle.

The first 300 to 400 pages of Conquering Cancer is what every cancer patient needs to know. The knowledge gained will help soften the blow of the diagnosis and help one deal with all the conflicting advice that everyone will be so ready to give. Most importantly it will give cancer patients real hope that comes from medical knowledge and wisdom. 

We can set up, at reasonable low cost, an intensive care treatment center in our own homes, something we should do not matter what because we cannot live in a hospital or clinic for long without bankrupting ourselves and our families. Forget the old medical model, which will fall apart anyway, with any economic and financial collapse, and learn to take care of yourself and your loved ones at home, where there is no danger of contracting an antibiotic resistant infection. 

There are many strong substances that one can safely take at high levels, which will vastly reduce your chances of dying from cancer. Certainly we can slow cancer down. Glucose is the weakness of cancer cells. So is oxygen. We do not need to fight cancer head on with weapons of mass destruction (Chemo and radiation) if we exploit the weakness of cancer cells.

We can hit them under the belt from several sides at once slowing down their growth to the point of no growth, and then go for annihilation. Vanquishing cancer means killing them all, no prisoners taken and maintaining physiological conditions hostile to cancers return. We have not completely vanquished cancer unless we make sure that those cancer cells never come back.

Some medical scientists believe that if we slow the process of cancer by half we would not come down with cancer that can be diagnosed until we are over 100 years of age. This is a hint for those interested in prevention. The point is that it is not difficult to slow cancer down.

How many oncologists know or will tell you that something as simple as sodium bicarbonate makes it easy to slow down the progression of cancer cells and make them vulnerable to the killing effects of chemo, radiation, or in the case of natural oncology, vulnerable to a host of agents that can take cancer down?


Cancer is a bitch but can also end up being a person’s best friend if they use their sickness to wake up their heart and mind and change as much about themselves as possible. There are limits to this of course. We cannot leave our poisoned planet though we can leave our urban center with all its cancer causing pollution, if we can afford to do so.​

Unfortunately, we cannot assume health anymore. There are too many hostile forces, chemicals, heavy metals and bad intentions surrounding us and our children that we cannot control. We have to arm ourselves with knowledge and wisdom but a lot of people and organizations would rather us just remain dumb so they can lord over us with their arrogant know it all attitudes. Thus a goal of Conquering Cancer is to learn more about cancer than your oncologist knows.

We will also be reviewing the latest research: In the Pancreas, Common Fungi May Drive Cancer. Certain fungi can settle in the pancreas, where they spur the growth of tumors. A new study, published in October of 2119, in the journal Nature, found that fungi can make their way deep into the pancreas, which sits behind your stomach and secretes digestive enzymes into your small intestine. In mice and human patients with pancreatic cancer, the fungi proliferate 3,000-fold compared to healthy tissue — and one fungus in particular may make pancreatic tumors grow bigger.

Dr. George Miller, a surgical oncologist at the New York University School of Medicine who led the study, indicated that that some microorganisms, such as bacteria, could sneak past a muscle called the sphincter of Oddi, which separates the pancreas from the rest of the gut. Dr. Miller and his team fed mice a species of brewer’s yeast labeled with a green fluorescent protein. The fluorescent marker revealed that the yeast had indeed moved from the digestive tract to the pancreas in a matter of minutes.

Oncologists have never recognized the relationship between cancer and fungus infections and as we shall see later on, in the lesson, Infections as a Cause of Cancer, as much as 40 percent of cancers start with infections. Some, like Dr. Tullio Simoncini in Rome go as far as identifying cancer as a fungus. Certainly cancer cells and fungus cells share some basic characteristics.

Prof Beard, in the early part of the last century, a Scottish embryologist, found the the pancreas is a critical organ for protecting again cancer as it secretes active pancreatic enzymes which help to remove the glyco-protein coat surrounding cancer cells which keeps the immune system at bay. If the pancreas goes on a downward spiral, probably related to toxins and nutritional deficiencies, especially bicarbonate deficiency, along with chronic inflammation, will create an anaerobic environment that fungi favour - hence their migration. Once the fungi cells take a hold, producing lactic acid that further shifts the pH, then cancer cells will proliferate.

Administering an anti-fungal drugs got rid of the fungi in mice and kept tumors from developing. And when the treated mice again received the yeast, their tumors started growing once more — an indication, Dr. Berk Aykut said, that the fungal cells were driving the tumors’ growth.

Nearly 57,000 people will be diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in the United States this year, but their prognosis will be poor. Three-fourths die within a year of diagnosis, and only about 1 in 10 live longer than five years because chemotherapy and surgery, nor radiation are of much help. Thus we find one more reason why sodium bicarbonate, the very best of all anti-fungal medicines should be given to all pancreatic patients. We will explore deeply the use of the different bicarbonates in this course.