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This is a visionary book on love and how it can manifest in personal relationships and marriage. It opens a vista onto possibilities and potentials for love; but most importantly, it offers a ‘quality’of love that most of us need, want and dream of, a pure love that will touch our souls.

It touches the heart and soul deeply. This is a book on love and how it can manifest in personal relationships and marriage.

  • What we are after is a type of love that comes from the depths of our hearts and leads to a lightness of being that can be shared with others.
  • A kind of love that leads to a day to day communion with each other on the deepest levels of authenticity, vulnerability and being.
  • It is also about sex and how that needs to play out for healthy and happy existence whether one is married or not.
  • These writings are for patients, doctors and therapists who need to learn more about how important love is in healing, medicine and therapy.

Love is not just for the bedroom with one’s partner it’s for everyone all the time.

  • Garden of Pure Love
  • The Heart is the Vulnerability of Being
  • Love is What We Need
  • Heavenly Human Love
  • The Psychology of Listening
  • Mirroring & the Art of Listening
  • Tears of the Melting Heart
  • Insecurity
  • Grace of the Heart
  • Love and Marriage On a Soul Level
  • Bringing Back the Goddess
  • The Psychology of Pleasure & Bliss
  • Sexuality
  • Sexual Magic
  • The Fountain of Youth
  • Shared Emotional Life & the Oneness of Being
  • Meditation, Sex & Love
  • Digitally Assisted Natural Birth Control
  • The Psychology of Cancer
  • A Secret Cause of Cancer
  • Stress, Cancer & Sexuality
  • Beginning Sexual Healing
  • Cancer & Fear
  • The New Medicine
  • The Crushing Weight of Loss
  • Food Addictions & Hurt Medicine
  • Avoiding Suffering
  • Healing Sex, Love & Intimacy
  • The Psychology of Touch
  • Therapeutic Healing Touch
  • Massage for Cancer Patients
  • Yoga For Cancer Patients
  • Breathing Retraining
  • Surviving Breast Cancer
  • New Avenues in Sexual Healing
  • Married on a Soul Level
  • Divine Romance
  • Needs & Feelings
  • Opening Our Hearts to a Family of Beings
  • Blowing Bubbles – Revolutionary Cancer Treatment
  • The Oneness of Being/Non-Possessive Love
  • The Psychology of Feelings & Emotions
  • Sexual Medicine & the Rape of Humanity
  • Hot, Sexy & Getting On in Years
  • Humanity’s Future
  • The Ego as the Root of Conflict
  • What Does It Really Mean To Work on the Ego?
  • Difficulty of Lifestyle Changes
  • Fear & Courage
  • Group Consciousness
  • The Acid Test of the Marriage of Souls
  • It is Loving to be Mindful of our Loved One’s Limits
  • Love & Truth Are Not Separate

This is a must read for all those that want to 
deepen their relationships with their partners 
and families and reach that true state of bliss 
where the heart opens widely.

This is a carefully hand-coded ebook and includes PDF, EPUB and MOBI formats.

Mairo Vergara
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