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Pediatric Therapeutic Baths

Published on February 11, 2011

Medicinal baths can be a luxury for an adult but for a baby it can sometimes mean the difference between life and death. This is more than an important form of medicine for parents taking care of their children without the expense and interference of pediatricians who are more interested in poisoning their kids with lethal vaccines that do kill children. Vaccines are also causing a pandemic in neurological damages with accompanying severe learning disabilities. Medical officials will never admit that and will go to their graves thinking it’s safe to inject babies with Thimerosal, which is fifty percent organic mercury by weight leaving parents and healthcare providers the dirty work of cleaning up their mess.

Bath time is more than just a time to clean your baby. This time can also be a special time to care for a child’s nutritional and medical needs even when perfectly healthy. By loading their baths with nutritional medicinals like bicarbonate, magnesium and even iodine we can strengthen them against the toxicities of the world. We can also strengthen them before receiving ill advised vaccines since low magnesium and bicarbonate deficient bodies will be more vulnerable to the toxic insult that vaccines present directly to the blood, which is, after all, a highly sensitive medium.

For parents who are crazy enough to believe what the pediatricians are saying and prescribing it is more than good to know about these kinds of baths so you can treat your kids both before and after multiple vaccine administration. If your child is having a reaction to a vaccine you can mediate against damages with concentrated bicarbonate and magnesium baths. Some wonder where the difference lies between a priest abusing our confidence and a politician doing the same but few ask this question in regards to pediatricians or dentists who also attack our children with mercury and add poisonous fluoride into the mix. We need to know of such things because we need to know the reasons strong baths are sometimes necessary.

My daughter has Autism, and she is now 12 years old. We recently tried the Ancient Minerals Magnesium Bath Flakes – we used it when we were out of town for a family wedding, hoping it would keep her calm and able to handle all of the new people, places etc… I have never seen her behave so well as she did at that wedding. A child who usually shies away from crowds was actually dancing in a room full of people. For me the night was flooded with compliments on how fantastic she looked (normal even!) But I know I must give the credit for that day to the magnesium bath we gave her the night before – she has never been so calm and relaxed! Thank you for making such a special day for our family enjoyable to everyone!

Amy Perry and Family

The Department of Family Medicine, Pomeranian Medical Academy, states that dietetic factors can play a significant role in the origin of ADHD and that magnesium deficiency can result in disruptive behaviors.[1]Very few children receive sufficient magnesium through their diets so our bicarbonate and magnesium baths are vital to their health and strength.

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[1] The effects of magnesium physiological supplementation on hyperactivity in children with ADHD. Mag Res 1997; 10(2):149-56.

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