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Living in truth

Published on December 4, 2018


To gain access to the universe of our own hearts we must be willing to live with truth. The truth is that we cannot be happy, in our hearts, if we are not living in truth. In our hearts is the truth of who we are, what we want, and what we need. In our minds is often something else: what we think we are, what we think we want and what we think we need. If we compromise with the truth, we cannot remain at peace in our hearts. In all aspects of life this is true, in our relationships, in business, government and education. When we lie, hold back the truth, when we fail to communicate the full honesty of our feelings in any given situation, we become uneasy in our hearts. The further we drift from the absolute truth in any given situation the further we drift from the absolute center of our hearts. So this is another simple clue: Are we living in truth?

Love is the caring about truth.

It may seem hard to live in truth. If I tell them what I am thinking in my heart of hearts what will they think? The ego, which is based on the untruth of separation, always finds it difficult to live in truth. To stay one with the truth requires great heart. Facing the truth about ourselves, or the situations we have created for ourselves, can often bring pain because we become aware of how fragmented we are, how separate we are from our essential self.

The truth has a tendency to wound us it is painful to endure. The truth disturbs those who are not in truth because it exposes their separation and how distant they are from truth. The truth also disturbs us because it means that we have to change. The truth is as unpopular now as it ever was not only because we do not want to change but also because of our tremendous attachments to judgments and dogma.

But if we fall in love with truth we can eventually transcend the suffering. Those who love the truth run to the truth. Those who are

not living in truth run from the truth and will even crucify anyone who

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tries to speak the truth. The greatest truth and the one we least like to see is that change is the essential nature of the heart, because in essence our hearts are connected to the cosmic heart , which designed all things into a constant flux of change.

So if something is troubling you share it with the person involved. Share your truth, don’t hide your feelings or you will never be comfortable in your heart. Your feelings are telling you something and not only do we need to listen to them but we need to communicate them with our significant others. Once we open the heart it becomes ‘a very sensitive organ’ and it tells us when we are in truth or not. Either it feels deeply at peace of something is going on down there in it’s mysterious depths. When we feel disturbed it is time to penetrate that disturbance, probe it to it’s core, and then act in some new way that will resolve the issue.

Our individual resistance to change is one of the most basic characteristics of our human nature and is mirrored by our resistance to open our mouths and say how we really feel. People love the stable, the familiar, and the secure. Usually, life has to slap us pretty hard because we resist changes. We play it safe behind our silence. When we don’t share or communicate we don’t risk and when we don’t risk we never face the mirror of life that will lead us toward change.

By making truth your objective and putting it before your desires or fears or personal preferences of any kind, you set an evolutionary

dynamic in motion inside you that lifts you up and out of the ego.

– Christopher Hills

Finding the truth is not always easy. Agreeing on the truth is even harder. But in each situation, no matter what we believe, and or hear, there is a truth. There is only one sun in the sky, not three. You either have one or two husbands. What is the truth? Christ was either married to Magdalene or he was not. For sure he loved her but did he make love to her? Beliefs do not change the truth and they do not make the truth. The truth of each situation stands separate from all the beliefs showered on top of the truth. The truth, like the stars, does not care much for what we think or believe. It goes on and remains itself. It is not a good idea to separate love from the truth for to separate from truth is to separate from love. This is some kind of law from which there is no escape. We cannot separate love from truth nor truth from love. Love cares about the truth for it is the truth so it would be a good idea to put truth before beliefs.

The truth is that sometimes we can never know the absolute truth.

We pay a steep price when we step out from the light of truth and into the shadows of blind beliefs. To believe with all ones heart is a very powerful thing but it still does not change the truth. To love the truth no matter what we believe is a hard but necessary application of our spiritual power, love and wisdom. It is useful to see and understand that the general lack of love in man, these last few thousand years, is a mirror and reflection of his distance from truth.

When we find truth we will find more heart and love. Sometimes the truth is easy to know and at other times it takes much research and patience and the humility of not knowing for certain what the truth is. With time, the truth will be known about many things, and if one loves the truth that truth will come sooner.

Whenever we compromise with truth we cannot remain at peace in our hearts and this is evidenced in the velocity of our mental processes.

The pure heart is the organ of our consciousness with the ability to know when we are in truth and when we are not.  Einstein acknowledged this when referring to his conscious. Our ‘conscious’ or heart just knows by feeling. And yet the truth is that the further we drift from the absolute truth in any given situation the further we drift from the absolute center of our pure heart. The truth disturbs those who are not in truth because it exposes their separation and how distant they are from truth. The truth disturbs us because it means we might have to change.

One of the difficult challenges for humanity today is to revisit the past and try to discern the truth of it. This is both important and complicated and major advances on this front have been seen these past few decades. Some of the main assumptions of history and religion have been challenged by rational beings that confront the lock step of blind belief. Science, for instance, is beginning to indicate that the major Pyramids and Great Sphinx are many thousands of years older then Egyptologists will admit. That totally undermines the basis of Western History. Who built them then? Geologists say, because of patterns of rain erosion, that the Sphinx predates the earliest awakenings of Egyptian Civilization.

Another important question is the whole issue of Christ. "If" he was a Jewish Rabbi, and was married, with children and brothers and sisters, as many maintain, (including support from the bible) then the whole edifice of the Church is built on lies and deception. "If" this is true then this explains why the church was so violent in its history for the heart of Christians simply could not exist on top of such untruth. Humanity is the way it is for specific reasons and to look at these reasons is important but not easy.

Our entire attitude toward beliefs and truth and the love of love is seen in our willingness to admit that we might be wrong or that we might not know the truth or cannot know the truth with absolute certainty. Humble people with heart will not reject other people’s positions vehemently. And to hide from the truth or to hide documents and information about the truth represents an infidelity on a massive scale. Part of the truth is that we must look for the truth and this is a natural instinct and the essence of the scientific approach and of the pure heart that only wants to know the truth.

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Dr. Mark Sircus AC., OMD, DM (P)

Director International Medical Veritas Association
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