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Baking Soda and Lemon Juice

Published on August 22, 2016

Dr. Loyd Jenkins of the Budwig Center says, “If there is one thing you could do every day that would dramatically fight disease and increase your energy, consuming lemon juice combined with baking soda would be on the top of the list. Lemon in addition to being an effective internal cleanser and especially when combined with baking soda has also shown to contain anti-carcinogenic properties as it contains limonoides, which are phytochemicals found in a number of citrus fruits. Apparently the limonoides help strip off the protective layer coating the cancer cells. Lemon also has been shown to have strong anti-microbial effects, which has been tested in research exploring the idea that cancer is very much like a fungus within the body. When treating cancer as a fungus, various methods can be used and some have found that lemon and bicarbonate can help fight the fungus causing various types of cancer.”

Dr. Johanna Budwig was in favor of using as many natural substances as possible. Introducing more lemon into your diet is one of the easiest and natural ways to introduce high alkaline substances into the system. When you use the lemon and baking soda together, it helps to fight cancerous cells or other diseases in the body. Together they help increase the body’s ability to clean itself up of what may be causing the diseases in the first place, which is mostly high acidity and low oxygen conditions.

Some people claim that lemon is a cure for cancer and others say there is no proof. It is unreasonable to claim lemon as a standalone cure but that said, it would be even more unreasonable to not employ something has healthy as lemon when fighting cancer. Even more of the same can be said about sodium and potassium bicarbonate because there is plenty of evidence to suggest it is a prime cancer fighter that no patient should ignore.

Lemon in water is inexpensive to make, keeps the skin glowing, aids in digestion and can help you lose weight. Because lemon juice’s atomic structure is similar to the digestive juices found in the stomach, it tricks the liver into producing bile, which helps keep food moving through your body and gastrointestinal tract smoothly. Lemon water also helps relieve indigestion or ease an upset stomach. Lemon water benefits the enzyme functions in your body, stimulating the liver and flushing out toxins.

Lemon water does not just quench thirst better than any other drink – it also provides our bodies with plenty of vitamins, minerals and vital trace elements. It is also a great energy booster for when we wake up first thing in the morning, as our tissues are dehydrated and in desperate need of fluid to push out toxins.

“I go through 3lbs of lemons every 3-4 days. I juice the whole lemon…skin, seeds… everything. I mix 3/4 cup with 1.5 liters of distilled water and that is what I drink during the day and before bed. Lemon water is the first thing in my belly every morning. I have never felt better since I started doing this. Out of nowhere I dropped almost 10lbs and I have remained cold/flu free”

You have the power to open the door for a better health and understanding of your body! Here is the Key

There are many benefits to drinking lemon water and with mixed with sodium bicarbonate becomes a super medicinal beverage. Nearly every type of ethnic cuisine uses its lemon juice as a flavor enhancer or tenderizer. While lemon juice is quite astringent, it is also very refreshing and contains compounds that help prevent and treat cancer. Researchers have found that citrus fruit has a protective role against cancers of the digestive and upper respiratory tract.

Though some cancer patients have found success with using maple syrup, honey or black strap molasses mixed with the bicarbonate I would choose lemons over any type of sugar for obvious reasons. Though oncologist Dr. Tullio Simoncini recommends sugar with his bicarbonate IVs it would be the exception rather than the rule to use sugar as part of any cancer protocol. Low sugar intake is the way to go when treating cancer and other diseases.

However many people drink lemon with honey for general health and honey has been reported to have its own anti-cancer properties. Honey possesses carcinogen-preventing and anti-tumor properties. One must remember that despite the warning to keep sugar consumption way down we do need glucose as we need air and water. Much of the concern is what form is used to get one’s glucose.

Dr. Alberto Halabe Bucay says, “All that I am trying to do is very simple: That patients with cancer take citric acid orally, as I recommended: 10 to 15 grams of pure citric acid with each meal (one small table spoon each 8 hours), and antacids like omeprazole or sucralfate. Today, more than 80 patients with cancer, most of them with terminal cancer, have improved after taking citric acid orally.”

Dr. Bucay claims that, “Citric acid inhibits glycolysis, which is the principal source of energy for the mitochondria. This is achieved by administering citrate to cancer patients, as the citrate inhibits the phosphofructokinase enzyme, the pyruvate dehydrogenase complex and the succinate dehydrogenase enzyme of Krebs cycle, thus, the mitochondria will be forced to limit their metabolism and, secondarily, will lower the reproduction capacity of the cell in general.

Dr. Michael Murry says, “Besides being high in Vitamin C Lemons, especially their peels are an excellent source of terpenes such as d-limonene. The term terpene probably conjures up images of cleaning solvents, but while naturally occurring terpenes are actually used as alternative to synthetic terpenes in many natural cleaning products, the primary health benefits of terpenes revolve around some impressive anticancer effects – both in prevention and possibly treatment.”

In a study conducted at the University of Arizona Cancer Center 43 women with newly diagnosed operable breast cancer electing to undergo lumpectomy (surgical excision) were given 2 grams of limonene daily for two to six weeks before surgery. Results showed that d-limonene was found to preferentially concentrate in the breast tissue, reaching high tissue concentration (average = 41.3 μg/g tissue). Results also showed that d-limonene supplementation resulted in a 22% reduction in the expression of tumor markers. Specifically, d-limonene reduced the expression of breast tumor cyclin D1.[1]

Consuming the entire lemon offers the best results. The peel contains 5 to 10 times more of the vitamins and nutrients than just the lemon flesh and juice. Most of the plant world contains life-giving substances within the skin, seeds, and pulp. In Ayurvedic medicine, lemon peels are used to detoxify the liver. They also stimulate the appetite by encouraging the release of gastric juices, and contain limonene and at least 45 antioxidant flavonoids, pectin and vitamin C – all known for preventing and reversing cancer.

Using hydro-distillation, Chinese scientists extracted lemon essential oil and tested it on a series of human cervical adenocarcinoma cell lines. They found that the oil not only blocked the cancer cell lines from spreading, but also inhibited oxidizing free radicals from harming healthy cells.

Citronella Terpenes in Lemon

A study published in 2015 in the journal Archives of Biochemistry and Biophysics reveals that citronella terpenes in lemon essential oil stop the growth of cancers, including those of the liver, through olfactory activation. In other words, citronella terpenes activate certain smell receptors located throughout the body in order to prevent the spread of cancer.

“Terpenes can trigger signaling processes in cells by activating olfactory receptors,” wrote the authors of this study in a January 2015 press release. “Those receptors are mainly located in the nose, but they have been proved [sic] to occur in all types of human tissue, including skin, prostate, and spermatozoa. Carcinogenesis and cancer growth are likewise significantly affected by terpenes.”

Baking Soda is Sodium Bicarbonate

The Gerson Institute takes an opposite view about the use of bicarbonate in their cancer protocol. However, when we look at why bicarbonate is so good, why it works, we can see that it is more than helpful. It is essential for every cancer patient to understand and appreciate why something as inexpensive as baking soda can be their very best medical friend.

Bicarbonate gives the body a blast of oxygen because it is supplying the body instantly with more carbon dioxide (CO2) and this enables more oxygen to be delivered to the cells. The use of sodium and potassium bicarbonate is the practice of CO2 medicine. In a nutshell, when a patient raises CO2 levels by using bicarbonate or breathing retraining, they raise O2 levels as well as pH and cell voltage.

When we add lemon to sodium bicarbonate in our glass it starts to bubble because CO2 is formed. Same thing happens in the stomach when no lemon is used. The stomach acid does the job of lemon in the glass. Alternatively, the lemon does the job of stomach acid and that can be very important if there is a lot of stress or in aged patients when there is the possibility of hydrochloric acid deficiency. We need enough acid for bicarbonate to work just as we need acid to completely digest our food.

Dr. Alina Vasiljeva and Dr. David Nias wrote, “At the end of the 19th century, scientists Bohr and Verigo discovered what seemed a strange law; a decreased level of carbon dioxide in the blood leads to decreased oxygen supply to the cells in the body including the brain, heart, kidneys etc. Carbon dioxide (CO2) was found to be responsible for the bond between oxygen and haemoglobin. If the level of carbon dioxide in the blood is lower than normal, then this leads to difficulties in releasing oxygen from haemoglobin. Hence the Verigo-Bohr law.”

Under clinical conditions, low oxygen and low carbon dioxide generally occur together. Therapeutic increase of carbon dioxide, by inhalation of this gas diluted in air, is often an effective means of improving the oxygenation of the blood and tissues. Taking bicarbonate orally and in baths increases CO2 levels (bicarbonate) in the blood as does slow breathing.

Carbon dioxide is a neutral, nonpolar molecule, and can readily diffuse across membranes. Bicarbonate is a charged species of CO2, and does not cross membranes at a significant rate unless facilitated by trans-membrane channels like the magnesium calcium channel.

Baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) immediately reacts when it mixes with stomach acid. NaHCO(3) + HCl —> NaCl + H(2)0 + CO(2). That is: Sodium bicarbonate + stomach acid yields salt + water + carbon dioxide.

CO2, in the form of bicarbonate, is directly involved in “light reactions.” This “bicarbonate effect” influences molecular processes. The role of carbon dioxide (CO2) or bicarbonate in the photosynthesis was clear to researchers from the very beginning of the history of photosynthesis. Bicarbonate in plants probably links cell metabolism to photosynthetic electron flow.

Live Longer with Bicarbonate

Dr. Kalani Raphael found that low levels of bicarbonate is linked to an increased risk for premature death by 24 percent. “What we found was that generally healthy older people with low levels of bicarbonate had a higher risk of death,” Raphael said. The study’s findings assists clinicians in better assessing patient’s risk of premature death by analyzing their blood bicarbonate concentrations more closely, something doctors never do. What he is saying is that the secret to health lies with sufficient bicarbonate levels. Older adults who have low levels of bicarbonate in their blood are putting themselves at risk of premature death.

The body struggles to produce enough bicarbonate and it is a losing battle as we age. Carbon dioxide, as well as bicarbonate, is a nutrient as well as a product of respiration and energy production in the cells and its lack or deficiency is of itself a starting point for different disturbances in the body. When carbon dioxide deficiency becomes chronic, it can be responsible for serious diseases, ageing and cancer.

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One is not likely to fall into a cancerous condition if one’s blood and tissues are in an alkaline state. To achieve a sufficiently healthy alkaline state, free from all sickness and disease, one must have alkaline nutritional sufficiency, which can be readily supplied by both lemon and baking soda taken on a consistent basis. In addition full hydration, ingestion of green foods rich in chlorophyll, plenty of healthy sun exposure and of course, slow breathing and plenty of exercise are going to help us avoid and treat cancer.

[1] Miller JA, Lang JE, Ley M, et al. Human breast tissue disposition and bioactivity of limonene in women with early-stage breast cancer. Cancer Prev Res (Phila). 2013 Jun;6 (6):577-84.

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  • seungho moon

    Thank you for your detailed answer

  • Amir

    This is used as medicine for all body kill the germs so you can use one lemon as juice with peel and seeds add table spoon of backing soda slowly because make gas and can come out ,,then keep it 12 hours next you add 1 to 2 glass of water then you drink much u can drink it

  • seungho moon

    Thank you.
    but I do not understand because English is so poor.
    I’m sorry
    Please explain it easily.

  • Amir

    One lemon juice then put the of lemon too in big Glass of water 350 +Table spoon of Backing soda keep it one night then add 2 glass of water before you drink it then try to use
    1 to 2 glass the balance keep it in refrigerator for. Using it before dinner

  • seungho moon

    How do you eat baking soda and lemon?
    Please teach me how to eat.

  • Jennifer Magri

    I would like to ask if bicorbanate of soda is also good for liver cancer please. Thank you.

  • Paul Revell

    I fully recommend the Lemon Juice and Bi-Carb Remedy as it was of great help to my inner health. Following a two to three year period, that began in Dec 2013 when I was 67, of having to inject myself below the navel once a week to balance my white cell count (Neutrophils) which had lowered to zero level, due to my blood being slightly poisoned after 20 years of taking a weekly ingestion of Methotrexate, for my Rheumatoid Arthritis that I`ve had since I was 45; it thankfully ended a year ago after a Friend told me of taking a course of Lemon Juice and Bicarbonate of Soda to balance the Metabolism. He advised me to take it once a day in the morning before consuming anything else, for a week, and leave it for a two week break. Its best to not drink anything else for at least half an hour. Its an easy routine. You cut a lemon in half and use the well known glass or plastic fruit squeezer to extract the juice by hand. You pour the juice into a large glass, add Bicarbonate of Soda and fill the glass with either bottled mineral water or home-filtered water. You may have to pat the froth down with a spoon as it reacts that way when first mixed. I did it, just the once, to try it out as to what it tasted like and two days later I visited my Blood Specialist. After analysing the Blood sample I had on the day he came back into his office where I was waiting, and said to me… “For some reason, Paul, you seem to have made a remarkable recovery. I think we will cut down the injections to once every 2 weeks”. I was booked in to see him in 6 weeks time. During which I had the 7 day course, twice. Upon my return to see him he told me that in view of the blood content levels showing such fine results he didn`t see why I couldn`t come off the injections altogether. That was a year ago and every Bi-Monthly appointment I have had since then he says that everything is at a perfect level. I told him of the remedy and he took note of it. When it first happened to me and it was of medical concern, as well as my own, I had read articles that spoke a worrying fact that after 6 years of taking the injections it can tumble into Leukemia and its “Goodnight Vienna”. This simple remedy has restored better health within me and in so doing I feel sure it will prolong my life.

  • thebowman

    I take probiotics first thing in the morning and I’ve been told that taking them with baking soda prevents the stomach acid from killing the probiotic bacteriae. They are in gel capsule format so they should be protected until they get to the intestine but can I take them also with the lemon-baking soda mix ? Will the lemon affect the probiotics ?

  • Rick

    Dr Sircus. I have heard that sodium citrate alkalizes both the inter and intra cellular fluids whereas sodium bicarbonate will only alkalize the inter-cellular fluid. Would sodium citrate therefore not be a better choice?

    I have been a reader for several years and have benefited from your work.

  • Tong Ren Healer

    it would be great to get replies. Interesting about the Gerson aversion to baking soda but they add minerals to their cleanses. Not sure about putting them together either. Maybe best solution is, one day bicarb, 1 day juice of 1/2 to 1 lemon.

  • Helix Okenkuma

    In deed, this recipe, lemon juice and sodium bicarbonate, has helped me in the fight against kidney stone. A
    More than that, it has been a source of general health and wellness among family membersw and friends. Thank you Doctor.

  • great info..thank you

  • thebowman

    Is there a time limit on how long the mix can be taken for? Weeks ? months? forever ? Is there contraindications if taken for too long …?
    Thank you !

    • Adriana Blanc

      Hi! Did you ever get a reply? Thanks!

      • thebowman

        No I did not. I wish Dr. Sircus would take a minute to reply to his readers … 🙁

        • Adriana Blanc

          I agree, it would be very nice especially with so many of them.

  • Landa Chukure

    Hi there what is the right combination please as they all say that is still unknown as how much baking soda : half lemon on glass of water ? I only do prevention as i had peritoneal cancer stage 3 four years ago , do i take half a tsp or tsp and should be luck warm or warm or cold , my sister said she got a book and it`s says warm water ? thank you very much for your help 😉

    • Adriana Blanc

      Hi Landa, I’m very happy for you that you overcame your cancer. My mother has been diagnosed with peritoneal cancer and is getting chemo now (Folfox). So far they haven’t been so bad. I’ve been giving her baking soda with lime juice. I’ve heard about the apricot kernels. I didn’t know I could order them online. How many chemo treatments did you have before you were cancer free? Were you constipated a lot? Thank you!

      • Adriana Blanc

        By the way, we use the juice of 1 lime with a teaspoon of baking soda. She just stopped because a friend told us not to drink it everyday for so long. She’s been drinking it for over a month. But I want her to start again. She’s on her third chemo at the moment.

  • Train Well

    Hello yes agree very informative article. Just one question please if I may. Is it okay to take the lemon and bicarbonate drink alongside the oil protein Budwig diet?

  • easyout

    This is a great article. How do a strong acid and a strong alkaline agent respond to each other? Do they balance each other out while they are co-existing? Have got most of your books, but could never figure out the attraction of these opposites. Beating cancer is not by anyone one food, it’s the strengthening of the immune system after detoxing. Too much imbalance in the body. It gives up. Science can never except simplicity, it keeps dissecting Nature thinking it can figure it out, but never will. Nature is like politics, it’s just balance.

  • Suzanne Guimond

    any way around oral sores from citric acid ?

  • empiricist2

    Please elaborate on the potassium vs sodium bicarb. Wouldn’t the K bicarb be better to avoid the sodium that Gerson therapy shuns? Gerson therapy has 4 K compounds to add to the juices, developed empirically. In fact all the Gerson work was done based on effects on actual patients. Gerson also added iodine to juices. Thanks in advance.

  • gypsearose 8

    I don’t see a recipe for lemon and sodium bicarbonate mixture I just see lemon and water.If we wanted to mix a litre to drink through the day,how much lemon,and how much sodium bicarbonate? Also be cautious with the lemon water,The citric acid can harm your teeth/

  • Ros

    My neice has been told she has cancer of the vulva and also skin cancer while pregnant 2 months ago. She is now breastfeedi her 2 week old baby boy. I have been told that breastfeeding mums should avoid citrus and any detoxing.
    She has been taking bicarbonate of soda in baths and as a drink.
    Can you advise on how she can proceed safely. They want to lazer her cancerous vulva cells soon. Any advice welcome.
    Thankyou for all your help, I love your articles.

    • kate

      Hi, My mom had vulvar cancer and had surgery and then radiation. I do not advise the radiation as they burnt the heck out of her privates and told her to use a tube of salve from the drug store. We ended up getting a baby pool and filled it with water for her to sit in for some relief, I can’t believe they would do this to a woman in her 60’s. So please be careful. If I would of known, what I know now things would of have been different than having her endure so much pain.
      On the lemon and water recipe, I have been drinking it for over a year and just 3 months ago started to add a scant 1/8 tsp. to my cup of warm water. If it is to warm it will kill the Vitamin C from the lemon. I use 1/2 lemon with 8 oz of water. I’m thinking of switching to blending the whole lemon as Dr. Sirccus takes his, so it is prepared and ready to drink. But I would have to wash the lemons really well since I don’t have my own lemon tree any more. I do use about 1/2 T of honey also with a dash of Himalayan salt sometimes also instead of the baking soda. We all tolerate this differently so what works for me might be to strong for a beginner. Good Luck.

  • K Selvam

    What is dose requirement for consuming baking soda

  • Linda

    It would be a good idea to stress that one should purchase baking soda which is ‘Aluminum free’!!!

    • Tanis

      Baking Soda has no Aluminum, Baking Powder can have Aluminium. There was confusion over this years ago when a Baking Soda producer put out packaging saying Aluminum free because it was getting compared to Baking Powder. This however is what started the rumors of Baking Soda having Aluminium.

  • pradeep

    Hi Doc,
    Can SB+lemon help in controlling the GIST condition in the lower abdominal cavity?


  • chidi

    Dr what do u suggest for a patient with renal cell carcinoma on the right kidney? Orthodox medicine has failed to offer any help . thanks in anticipation of your kind response

  • PS1

    I’ve just begin drinking 4oz. water with 1/4 teaspoon of BoS and a bit of lemon juice, primarily for my T2 diabetes. Already, from my pre-dinner dose last evening, my resting glucose dropped 40 points! Not nearly enough, but, it’s a good start. My question is, should I take the mixture before each meal? When is the optimal time to take it?
    Thank you, in advance, for any and all replies.

  • Leo Saleta

    Hi Dr Sircus I have cancer called pseudomyxoma peritonei I am wondering if this is treatable with the lemon and bi-carbsoda

  • Buffet

    There is something wrong with this website!
    “Copy” and “Paste” do not work?

  • Tom

    If evenly mixed citric acid plus sodium bicarbonate you would end up with Sodium citrate , water, and carbon dioxide. So what are the benefits of consuming sodium citrate?

  • Tom

    If the bicarbonate reacts with the citric acid, then you have no more bicarbonate (depending upon how much lemon juice you use). I don’t understand why you would want this reaction.

    • Mark Sircus

      It is the same reaction you get when bicarbonate hits the stomach acid…..turns to CO2 and that drives bicarbonate into the blood stream. In the blood bicarbonate and CO2 are like twin sisters, they turn into each other almost at the speed of light with the help of an enzyme

      • William

        I agree with Tom, when you mix bicarbonate with lemon juice/citric acid you lose the CO2 in the air and you only drink salt water? What’s the point. You don’t add CO2 to your body.

        • Raymond Lyus

          Some CO2 will pass into the blood stream and invoke the Bohr reaction leading to increased oxygenation of cell throughout the body.

          • Demar Bowman

            Been wondering the same thing about the lemon juice and baking soda mix.
            How does it get in to the blood stream if it goes in to the air when you mix it?
            How much is released to atmosphere and how much stays in solution ( high altitude would affect this? )

            maybe it would be better to drink the lemon water first then drink plain water with baking soda?

            also wondering how this works when used in bath? does the reaction occur after being taken in to the body as sodium bicarbonate?

          • Raymond Lyus

            If ingesting the lemon bicarb mix I think it’s good to swallow it quickly after mixing. Although some CO2 will be lost to atmosphere plenty will still be in solution.
            My wife, (with CFS and Fibromyalgia), can’t take both mixed together due to getting headaches and body pains. Half an hour apart suits her.
            She likes ‘bath-fizz-bombs! Also she has a simple device I made for her which enables transdermal application of CO2 gas through the skin of her hand. This helps particularly with fibromyalgic pains; especially with ‘burning ‘ skin sensations. Regarding getting CO2 through the skin.. the pressure to accomplish this is only of the order of 150 mm H2O. At the moment her device is pressure controlled with two 5 minute sessions per day but I have another version being made whereby we will be able to see how much CO2 is actually passing into the body via the hand.

  • Greg Wilkins

    All of the comments below raise important questions, but where are the answers?

    • Mark Sircus

      above, below, on my site and in my books

  • Rich Maingot

    What are the mix ratios for an 8oz glass of water (water/lemon/baking soda)? How ‘doses’ should we consume daily?

    • Mark Sircus

      that depends on ones state of acidity. When treating cancer one has to take pH of urine several times a day so you take enough to get pH up to eight. In 8 oz take with half teaspoon and half a lemon…some people take more

      • Rich Maingot

        Thank you. I appreciate it very much.

  • Paula Gervais

    I’ve been battling upper respiratory infection for a week. Despite all the essential oils and natural remedies the lingering cough and some green mucus remain. I have been drinking lots is water with some lemon but can’t shake this. Would using some baking soda and lemon juice combine help? What about iodine for this? I’m a singer and need this infection gone.thanks.

  • Victoria Knaster

    Dr. Sircus,
    Would lemon juice mixed with the MagBicarb dilution work as well as with bicarbonate of soda–I thought that the glucose they add to the MagBicarb concentrate might diminish the benefits. A possible concern about using lemon rind frequently is that it (not the juice) contains very high levels of oxalates which can cause kidney stones and/or oxalate crystals to permeate tissues.
    Thank you for this very important post. I’ll add it to my “Dr. Sircus” folder.

    • Mark Sircus

      no not a good combo…..magbicarb is a stand alone product though I imagine you can add lemon but not the same as baking soda

  • Ben Wulfsohn

    What would be basic health / prevention protocol with lemon and sodium bicarb. A teaspoon of bicarb to a glass of 1 lemon with water? Thanks

    • Mark Sircus

      half a tea but can be repeated several times a day

      • snappir

        ACV instead of Lemon ?
        Does ACV have equal properties with whole lemon ?