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Feminine Principle – Divine Mother

Published on January 3, 2015

To every newborn, the mother is divine. First, it is the mother’s breast then mother herself takes shape as divine love that babies bathe themselves in. Modern psychology conveniently divides a line between early childhood trauma with serious problems of love causing eventual psychosis if it happens in the first two years and neurosis for love complications in the years after.

Without the divine feminine principle in first place in the consciousness of humanity and individuals everywhere, there is no hope for the human race. Each one of us that rejects the feminine inside is already on the road to psychosis because the deepest root of us is connected to the feminine, to our mothers. Problem is that many mothers themselves reject part of the femininity making it impossible for infants to bond correctly to what is sweetest and highest.

We see what man would do with the world and that vision is most horrifying to the younger generations who have to live through the enormous problems we have created over the last hundred years. Men would risk the world for their sense of power for in the end they care about themselves and what they want above all else. To hell with the women and children and the wellbeing of our race consciousness. We see this with the new breed of terrorists and the old breed of war mongering westerners.

Because the feminine is so important and cast aside, I have dedicated Sanctuary to the feminine principle and I built a shrine there years ago to the Divine Mother. In the heavens, the strongest organizing principle for the feminine principle is Mary. She leads a host of angels and has a host of followers on earth who devote themselves to her nurturing.

The feminine principle opens a vista onto possibilities and potentials for love; but most importantly, it offers a ‘quality’ of love that most of us need, want and dream of, a pure love that will touch our souls. The goddess develops a type of love that comes from the depths of our hearts and leads to a lightness of being that can be shared with others – a kind of love that leads to a day to day communion with each other on the deepest levels of authenticity, vulnerability and being, something our political leaders know nothing about.

Pure love is the principle quality of relationships between beings.
That pure love makes our relationships perfect even if we, as individuals, are not.

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The Divine Mother is offering us a Second Coming of Pure Love, which we can find for each other and for the children. She takes us past our present egotistical ways of relating to each other and past all religions and cults and offers us deep ways of connecting to others from the heart.

Translated into what is most essential and practical, the first principle of the feminine is demonstrated in people’s capacity to listen to others. Listening and communication itself is the carrying wave of love, compassion and empathy.

Communication is love.
Listening is love.

These two most practical definitions of love combine to form a context in which love can be understood, measured, learned and practiced. It is the communication dynamic which reflects one of the biggest changes toward deeper love. The Divine Mother would take us into an entirely new level of experience because there is a profound deepening of meaningful authentic communication.

Love is more than acts, deeds, words, or feelings. To love someone, is to give part of our heart to them. And how do we do this? It is through our willingness and openness to communicate and listen to someone that we most readily can demonstrate the truth of our love. It is impossible to have much love, compassion and understanding for another unless we are in touch with their world. When we love another, it shows some kind of appreciation for their existence and world of experience. The more we love another more we share worlds with them through strong and open bonds of communication.

True listening is love in action for it demonstrates our willingness to pay attention to, respond in accordance with, and change ourselves in response to the inner worlds and needs of others. Yet one of the great sadnesses of life comes through the twisting of love and the distortion of the communication process into something aggressive, hurtful and manipulative. There is a dark shadow cast by the ego onto the glow of love and we can see the silhouette of this ego consciousness laid bare in the communication dynamics we have with others.

The major organizing religions of humanity turned to the masculine at great cost to our collective consciousness and we see that evident in human sexuality, which represents our deepest vulnerability. I have written Love and Sex Medicine and most recently published a brutal article on Sexual Barbarism, which gives a full view of how the world’s major religions have rejected the feminine, the children and the sacred vulnerabilities of our sexualities.

Vulnerability itself is at the center of our hearts and sexualities, with the heart being and representing the vulnerability of being. Soul love is free but intensely committed, intensely loving. We humans need to love and trust deeply. There are many beings walking this planet with beautiful hearts that are deserving of our love but the secret of course is to become one of them, a being with a love light shining out of our heart. We need to give what we would want to receive. Love answers love; likes attract.

I want to spend the rest of my life dedicated to a return to a beauty, heaven, and garden of consciousness hinged on the feminine principle. Twenty five years ago it was said of me that I was more feminine then all the women around me and that was evident in my facility to vulnerability and tears, and my listening and willingness to communicate from the heart. These past ten years I have conquered my masculine side, but it is the feminine, which has my heart.

Love must be the principle of action on earth in any one-world government. I am against the new world order because love is not behind it but lust for wealth and power beyond all imagining. Love is the underlying principle of God’s government in heaven so our governments on earth do not deserve our support unless they align with the life principles of love. This alone can make and keep humanity safe from the abominations that walk upon our earth.

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Dr. Mark Sircus AC., OMD, DM (P)

Director International Medical Veritas Association
Doctor of Oriental and Pastoral Medicine

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  • carol

    You said this very well, but, the scriptures say GOD IS LOVE. He has an androgynous quality and that is how we feel the divine love, which we interpret as a mothers love. The more one is open and vulnerable to HIS SPIRIT, this DIVINE connection one to another is experienced, as HE is flowing THRU US, ONE TO ANOTHER. God is NOT RELIGIOUS, as HE
    well showed us thru Jesus Christ. God was IN CHRIST bringing mankind back to HIMSELF, & he openly exposed the religiousness of man who did NOT recognize God as LOVE, BUT, only as the law. & as today, religion places itself ABOVE people, INSTEAD of being ONE WITH EACH OTHER AS CHRIST SHOWED US BY HIS EXAMPLE. HE became the SERVANT & HE taught love by his serving FROM HIS HEART.

  • Truthseeker

    Pure occult New Age worship of Gaia mother Earth, who is also Isis and later disguised as the virgin Mary. Hence why the Bible strictly speaks about avoiding idolatry at all costs.

    • chw777

      Well said. Mary is dead. SHe is awaiting the return of Christ.

  • Skijo

    This all sounds warm and fuzzy, but I’m trying to figure out where the doctrine of Mary is in the Bible. Where does it say she was assumed to Heave? Where does it say she leads a host of angels? Where does it say she is a mediatrix for us? If one is to have a religion, they need to have a guide that is reliable like the Bible. And then one must use it as sola scriptura. It must be used to verify itself by texts agreeing with each other.

    The Bible does say that there is only one mediator to the Father, and that is Jesus Christ. It says that Jesus Christ is the only way that we can be saved. It also says that the living know that they shall die, but the dead know not anything, neither they remember things anymore. They await the resurrection at the return of Jesus, just like Mary, who is as dead as a doornail.

    Dr. Sircus, your medical research and advice is excellent– your new age spirituality is an extreme deficit.

  • Tom Clark

    The religions of today are controlled by Zionism. Eliminate Zionism and the moneychangers at the Central Banking Cartel and you’d see a change overnight.

  • Cathyaz

    Beautiful, I really enjoyed this one.

  • DAG

    This piece resonates with me, Dr. Sircus, and I join you in/on this quest. What you have said here I at this moment can neither add to nor subtract from it. Thanks!