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Published on April 6, 2020

Dr. Cameron Kyle-Sidell, MD is a board-certified emergency medicine physician in Brooklyn, New York. He is affiliated with Maimonides Medical Center and is crying out that something is not right in ICU departments across America in terms of how they are treating coronavirus patients.

Dr. Isaac Solaimanzadeh, practitioner of Internal Medicine at the Interfaith Medical Center in Brooklyn, is supporting what Dr. Kyle-Sidell is saying in the video about coronavirus being something more like high altitude high altitude pulmonary edema than a viral driven pneumonia. He stated:

“While anti-viral approaches and vaccines are being considered immediate countermeasures are unavailable. Both COVID-19 and HAPE exhibit a decreased ratio of arterial oxygen partial pressure to fractional inspired oxygen with concomitant hypoxia and tachypnea. There also appears to be a tendency for low carbon dioxide levels in both as well.”

Carbon dioxide is an essential medical gas. Medical gases trigger naturally occurring physiological responses, enhancing the human body’s preventive and self-healing capabilities. Medical gases include carbon dioxide, oxygen, nitrogen, nitrogen oxide and most recently hydrogen can be employed at home or in ICU to treat the worst symptoms of a coronavirus infection.

Hydrogen to the Rescue if You Cannot Breathe

Ford and GE Healthcare goal is to produce 50K ventilators within 100 days. Everyone is scrambling for ventilators. But what they should be scrambling to get are hydrogen inhalation devices. Too many people on ventilators die yet with hydrogen gas people can quickly start breathing with ease again. I have been saying for two years in my Hydrogen Medicine book that in the future oxygen should never be given without hydrogen, especially for critical situations like end stage coronavirus infections.

Coronavirus medical thinking is evolving quickly. Approaches can be combined into a full protocol that will keep 99 percent alive. Since the virus that roared hit the streets of China 3 months ago medical officials have not budged an inch. The official story remains the same. No treatment no vaccine. 

With hydrogen inhalation machines instead of ventilators we would being witnessing an entirely different story. Much lower death rates means we would not have had to destroy the world’s economy. We have every reason to start a Manhattan type of project and build thousands of hydrogen inhalation machines so we will not have to worry about coronaviruses killing us. These machines can be used at home and in ICU, but we would need a governmental effort to turn out enough machines to make a difference.

Prof. Zhong Nanshan, Chinese epidemiologist and pulmonologist (discovered the SARS coronavirus in 2003) recommends the hydrogen-oxygen gas mix inhalation based on data received from Chinese patients in Wuhan. National Health Commission of the People’s Republic of China says, "Inhaling mixed 66.6% hydrogen and 33.3% oxygen is advised to treat the covid-19 virus pneumonia.” It is on the top of their treatment list for seriously ill patients.

Doctor: Tell me how do you feel after inhaling hydrogen and oxygen gas?
Patient: After inhaling …. I had been here for so many days, my chest pain had not been alleviated. Indeed, after I used Hydrogen-Oxygen Atomizer, my chest pain was relieved, no chest pain anymore, no pain at all.
Doctor: So great!
Patient: Thank you, Prof. Wei Chunhua. Today, here for the first time I feel free now

Doctor: How are you feeling?
Patient: With this Hydrogen Oxygen Atomizer I feel fine.
Doctor: Do you feel that with this device your breath is more comfortable?
Patient: Yes, it is
Doctor: Your breath is more smooth, isn’t it?
Patient: Yes, it is. In particular when I used it for the first time.
Doctor: How did you feel?
Patient: I felt as if the gas mask was removed
Doctor: This feeling
Patient: Yes, that. In the past, I dared not take a deep breath, but with the Hydrogen – Oxygen I can take deep breaths.
Doctor: Good! Great!

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Patient: Madam, using Hydrogen Oxygen Atomizer
Doctor: How are you feeling?
Patient: I´m feeling comfortable.
Doctor: Comfortable yes?
Patient: Yes, I feel nothing is wrong.
Doctor: Do you feel your chest is very relaxed after inhaling? Or do you feel your inhalation Is a little smooth?
Patient: yes, I do. In the past, when I took a deep breath I would cough. But with the Hydrogen Oxygen Atomizer cough almost disappears. And when I take a deep breath I won’t cough.
Doctor: Good, very good!

Patient: With this Hydrogen Oxygen Atomizer 
Doctor: What is your feeling now? 
Patient: After breathing with it a half a day, I feel my chest does not pain anymore. Not pain so much and now, I feel no chest pain at all. No pain  now. Before this, my chest did pain. It was chest tightness. Front, this place and back ached a little. After I used this to breath in hydrogen for half a day, I felt much better, no pain. Good! Thank you. 

In light of the significantly decreased airway resistance and safety, inhalation of hydrogen and oxygen mixed gas, which is generated through water electrolysis, has been applied in ICU medicine. Hydrogen/Oxygen mixed gas inhalation resulted in a major melioration of dyspnea in most patients with Covid-19 in a pilot investigation and has therefore been endorsed by the latest Recommendation for the Diagnosis and Management of Covid-19 document.[1]

Brown’s Gas is a Mixture of Hydrogen and Oxygen

Brown’s Gas has already been endorsed for COVID-19 therapy by both the Chinese Government, EU organizations and UK Doctors. Brown’s Gas (aka HydrOxy or HHO) inhalation has been confirmed helpful to treat the pneumonia caused by coronavirus. Hydrogen molecules do not directly target the new coronavirus, but can eliminate the inflammation caused by the virus, so as to play an auxiliary therapeutic role. The most superior feature is anti-inflammatory and no side effects. Anyone can use it. This is report from national health commission of China.

Hydrogen can both down-regulate expression of oxidative-related genes and pro-inflammatory cytokine genes directly and indirectly. Oxidative stress and systemic inflammatory response syndrome have been confirmed to play critical roles in tissue and organ damages after polymicrobial sepsis injury, acute peritonitis injury, and peritonitis, which can develop into lethal sepsis with inappropriate treatment.

Until now, numerous studies have indicated cytokine storm and oxidative stress are highly associated with the pathological process when getting infected with viruses. Although cytokine storm and oxidative stress probably try to eliminate theses pathogens, they seem to generate multi-organ damage resulting in lethal clinical symptoms such as extensive pulmonary edema, alveolar and other tissue hemorrhage, and acute respiratory distress syndrome, etc.

Nitric Oxide

The same is being said about nitric oxide. In 1992, the journal Science named nitric oxide “molecule of the year.” And in 1998, UCLA pharmacologist Louis J. Ignarro shared a Nobel Prize in medicine for uncovering nitric oxide’s role as a “signaling molecule in the cardiovascular system.” Nitric oxide is a gas that is inhaled. It works by relaxing smooth muscle to widen (dilate) blood vessels, especially in the lungs. Nitric oxide is used together with a mechanical ventilator to treat respiratory failure in premature infants. Increased levels of CO2 also dilate blood vessels while positively affected oxygen disassociation.

At hospitals in Boston, Alabama, Louisiana, Sweden and Austria, researchers have launched a clinical trial to test inhaled nitric oxide in patients with mild to moderate cases of COVID-19. The trial will test whether the gas can drive down the number of patients who end up needing breathing assistance from a mechanical ventilator. For about 30 minutes two or three times a day, study participants assigned to the trial’s active arm will inhale a high dose of nitric oxide through a mask.

In Italy, where the gas was used under more haphazard conditions, the treatment appeared to dramatically boost oxygen levels in the blood of COVID-19 patients, said Dr. Lorenzo Berra, the critical-care specialist at Massachusetts General Hospital who is leading the new trial.

Flexibility of Hydrogen Administration

It’s interesting to note that H2 therapy can be administered through inhalation, oral intake of hydrogen-rich water, injection of hydrogen-rich saline, direct diffusion of hydrogen: bath, eye drops and immersion, as well as increase hydrogen in intestine. Although each delivery way has its own characteristic and advantages, injection of hydrogen-rich saline allows enough amount of hydrogen to have its own antioxidant, anti-inflammation, anti-apoptosis effect at the shortest time.  


We need to listen to the best doctors who are on top of the situation not the media and health officials who are making wildly different predictions.

It’s ridiculous that the modern medical establishment won’t talk about low-cost prescription drugs (like hydroxychloroquine) or simple nutritional supplements like zinc, magnesium, Vitamin C and D, and selenium that are widely available and have a long track record of safe, effective use. When concentrated they all make excellent medicines in both emergency and ICU departments. They certainly will not talk about sodium bicarbonate even though we have both old and new indicators for its use.

Dr. Isaac Solaimanzadeh, mentioned above, tipped us off that COVID-19 and HAPE exhibit a tendency for low carbon dioxide levels. How do we increase patients carbon dioxide levels? Give bicarbonates in sufficient quantities through oral or intravenous means.

Health officials are not doctors like those who are in the front lines treating desperate patients in ICU. Health officials would deprive us of most everything that will help us, seemingly wanting the world to suffer while demanding we wait for a vaccine, which may or may not work. If it is anything like the regular flu vaccine it will not work.

In the context of this global pandemic, the active censorship of alternative treatments is a crime, a sadness of lost purpose to the true mission of all practitioners of the healing arts. 

Perhaps health officials will have to defend themselves to history for their courses of action that will have destroyed an entire civilization’s way of life, instead of embracing things that are proving to work.


[1] National Health Commission. Digest of the 7th version of guidelines for the diagnosis and management of Covid-19.

(Article in Chinese, accessed on March 11th, 2020)

Dr. Mark Sircus AC., OMD, DM (P)

Professor of Natural Oncology, Da Vinci Institute of Holistic Medicine
Doctor of Oriental and Pastoral Medicine
Founder of Natural Allopathic Medicine

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