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How to Treat and Prevent Diabetes

Published on July 21, 2015

New Paradigms in Diabetic Care E-Book

In New Paradigms in Diabetic Care, we discover the best medicines for avoiding diabetes or treating it. It should come as no surprise to anyone that magnesium deficiency leads directly to the diabetic condition and the same can be said about bicarbonate deficiencies.

Dr. Jay Shubrook writes, “Most people associate diabetes with excessive sugar intake or unhealthy living and think having diabetes means constantly taking shots of insulin. In fact, many don’t realize there are actually a variety of diabetes that affect people in different ways. While some of the preconceptions surrounding disease contain an ounce of truth, there are more facts dispelling these presumptions than supporting them. With so many people now affected by diabetes, it’s important to know how to separate fact from fiction, especially now.”

Most mainstream doctors just cannot bring their minds around to accept the most basic reality of diabetes. In his essay 5 Myths and Misconceptions About Diabetes – Busted Dr. Shubrook does not even come close to addressing the fundamentals of the diabetic condition, which is more often caused by acid conditions (bicarbonate deficiencies—remember one of the main functions of the pancreas is to create bicarbonates). Moreover, of course magnesium has everything to do with insulin, its production, shape and cell wall receptivity to it.

The pancreas is harmed, as are all organs, if the body becomes too acidic. The pancreas is especially sensitive to acidic conditions. Without sufficient bicarbonates, the pancreas is slowly destroyed. When the pancreas loses the ability to produce enough bicarbonate essential for the pancreatic enzymes to function properly, undigested proteins penetrate the bloodstream inducing allergic reactions and inflammation.

Magnesium – Insulin Resistance Supplements

Diabetics are magnesium deficient. High levels of magnesium decrease insulin resistance in type 2 diabetics. People with diabetes waste more magnesium due to increased urination from elevated and fluctuating blood sugars and so need to constantly replenish their magnesium stores.

Most people and doctors do not know it but without insulin, magnesium does not get transported from our blood into our cells where it is most needed. When insulin becomes problematic, magnesium is excreted through our urine instead of getting into the cells meaning we waste our magnesium perpetuating and worsening the diabetic condition.

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Low serum and intracellular magnesium concentrations lead to insulin resistance, impaired glucose tolerance, and decreased insulin secretion thus magnesium supplementation improves insulin sensitivity thus lowering insulin resistance.

My recommendation for diabetes is to use magnesium bicarbonate water and drink at least 4 cups per day, which will directly supplement both magnesium and bicarbonate. Moreover, as always, I recommend constant use of Transdermal Magnesium Therapy, which will take magnesium levels higher than just using the magnesium bicarbonate water or oral magnesium products alone.

The use of magnesium bicarbonate as a replacement for typical drinking water will restore adequate bicarbonate levels, raise pH levels and allow proper functioning and activity of enzymes in diabetics. It will also over time dissolve the calcium hydroxyapetit fibers that surround the pancreas and its cells causing dysfunction. For a deep look at magnesium and how it effects diabetes and other associated diseases see the magnesium library.

A Tufts study led by Adela Hruby[1] . found that healthy people with the highest magnesium intake were 37% less likely to develop high blood sugar or excess circulating insulin, common precursors to diabetes. Among people who already had those conditions, those who consumed the most magnesium were 32% less likely to develop diabetes than those consuming the least.

Iodine and Diabetes

Doctors, who prescribe high dose iodine therapy for other diseases, such as breast cancer, are finding that iodine can lower insulin and oral anti-diabetic drug requirements in their diabetic patients. Dr. Michael Donaldson says, “Iodine stabilizes the heart rhythm, lowers serum cholesterol, lowers blood pressure, and is known to make the blood thinner as well, judging by longer clotting times seen by clinicians. Iodine is not only good for the cardiovascular system, it is vital. Sufficient iodine is needed for a stable rhythmic heart beat. Iodine, directly or indirectly, can normalize serum cholesterol levels and normalize blood pressure.Iodine attaches to insulin receptors and improves glucose metabolism, which is good news for people with diabetes.Iodine and iodine-rich foods have long been used as a treatment for hypertension and cardiovascular disease; yet, modern randomized studies examining the effects of iodine on cardiovascular disease have not been carried out.”[1]

What diet is best for diabetes ?

 Researchers had found a link between higher consumption of white rice and type 2 diabetes. “What we’ve found is white rice is likely to increase the risk of type 2 diabetes,” said Dr. Qi Sun of the Harvard School of Public Health. Those who ate the most white rice were 55% more likely to develop the disease than those who ate the least. White rice, white sugar, white bread and white pasta are white because they are stripped of their minerals (magnesium), vitamin and fiber content. These are poisonous foods because they cause magnesium deficiency.

A study published in the journal Diabetologia said that a diet of just 600 calories a day reverse diabetes. After one week on the diet, diabetes patients saw their blood glucose levels return to normal, indicating their diabetes had gone into remission. Eight of the 11 patients remained diabetes-free three months after they stopped the diet.

Previous studies have found a similar reversal of diabetes immediately after gastric bypass surgery. Researchers at Newcastle University in the United Kingdom are now showing that a quick resolution of diabetes, especially in its early years, is possible through diet alone.

The patients adhered to a liquid-based diet consisting of meal replacement drinks. It also included three portions of non-starchy vegetables per day. The diet lasted for eight weeks. After seven days, the participants’ blood-glucose levels were comparable with those of people who did not have diabetes.

The findings may only apply to people who have not had diabetes for a long period of time —the participants had diabetes for less than four years prior to the study. The point though is that liquid fasting with liquefied seeds, vegetable, and fruit juices, or juices loaded with great tasting Rejuvenate with its spirulina and chlorella backbone and loads of combine organic superfoods, provides real medical miracles.

Nutritional Seeds – SOUL Rain International

Seeds are some of the most overlooked nutrient sources out there in the plant-based kingdom, though many are rising in their popularity. With such high nutritional density, seeds are truly a gift from nature improving insulin regulation and will help those with blood sugar issues and diabetes.

Soul Rain Wellness help manage and prevent Diabetes:

  • Lower blood sugar: Test your blood sugar frequently, as the D-Ribose has proven to reverse type 2 diabetes.
  • Reduce / prevent inflammation
  • Provide lots of nutrients that diabetic people need – Good fats as Omega 3

Soul seeds components.jpg

“I am a Type 2 diabetic, my blood sugar levels have been steadily dropping since taking SOUL. My average blood sugar level before SOUL was 150. Five months later my blood sugar average level is a rock solid 101 and is dipping into the 90s. My A1c has dropped from 6.9 to 6.1. I have lost a whopping 20 pounds and my waist has reduced by 2 1/2 inches. By June of this year, my blood sugars were getting so low that my DR. took me off 1 of my blood sugar medications temporarily and last week made it permanent. My hope and prayer is that in a few months that I will get to stop all blood sugar medications and be able to say “I no longer have Type 2 Diabetes!”

The picture below is before and after right hand of a lady with diabetes that has been taking SOUL. It takes 2 to 3 months taking 2 SOULS or more per day to have theses results.

Diabetes hands.jpg

Cinnamon for diabetes as a treatment gained plausibility in 2003, when a study from Alam Khan suggested several grams of cassia cinnamon per day could lower fasting blood glucose. Khan randomized Type 2 diabetes to 1g, 3g, or 6g of cinnamon for 40 days. All three groups improved their fasting blood glucose, and blood lipid levels.

PEMF stands for Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields

Low-frequency PEMF can be used as an adjunct in reducing neuropathic pain as well as for retarding the progression of neuropathy in a short span of time.[2] Dr. William Pawluk says, “Magnetic fields protect against cell injury by improving circulation, repair processes, and energy, and increasing special stress proteins in the cells. These proteins are used to prevent cell breakdown and wear and tear, as well as help speed recovery from injury. Magnetic fields balance cells, tissues and bodily functions at very fundamental levels, even before damage and problems become obvious to you. One of the most basic functions magnetic fields have in the body is to increase circulation.” Moreover, Dr. Pawluk reports, “PEMFs have been found to reduce chronic, damaging inflammation.”

In my essay ‘Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy for Cancer and Pain’ I introduce the Earthpulse device, which is the one I use myself because of the low frequency waves it puts out and the power and price of the unit. This is very important technology to become familiar with for it provides healing help on a deep level. This technology is helpful and approved by the FDA to treat cancer and it should be a great help to diabetics.

[1] Hruby A, Meigs JB, O’Donnell CJ, Jacques PF, McKeown NM. Higher magnesium intake reduces risk of impaired glucose and insulin metabolism, and progression from prediabetes to diabetes in middle-aged Americans.Diabetes Care.2013 Oct 2.

[2] Evaluation of the efficacy of pulsed electromagnetic field in the management of patients with diabetic polyneuropathy; Vinay Graak,et al;  Int J Diabetes Dev Ctries. 2009 Apr-Jun; 29(2): 56–61.

doi: 10.4103/0973-3930.53121;

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  • Lazulus

    In a SYNTHETIC medium. Not blood plasma. Not organ tissue. Besides, you can supplement ACV along with your magnesium to keep Candida at bay if you are worried. Also, you failed to mention that the body needs vitamin D3 to absorb and use calcium properly. So if you’re going to take calcium supplements, be sure to use D3 supplements or get it naturally.

    • Guest

      Yes, good points re possible synethic verses en vivo differences. Still, I didn’t tell anyone to take calcium, but if one is d3 deficient, then that (and K, and vitamin A) should be taken as well as trace minerals. My point is that it’s not just ‘rub on some magnesium’ or the other cliche, ‘take ACV’ that’s going to remedy the situation. Apple cider vinegar is poison for those with histamine intolerance and salicylate intolerance.

      • Lazulus

        My mistake… I must’ve read something about calcium from another “Guest” user. I didn’t know K & A were related. I believe the ACV adages are cliche with good reason. Few people are going to encounter such intolerance to ACV. Still, though, good to know.

  • Lazulus

    Not a good idea to trust the NIH, or really any .gov
    We live in a fascist nation.

  • Nulova Lauren
  • Patrickyer

    Type II reversed using magnesium glycinate and magnesium lysinate (Doctor’s Best), taurine, glandular pancreas (Nutricology), Vitamin C, general b vitamins, turmeric, cinnamon (ceylon) and ashwaghanda along with a sensible diet

  • Guest

    Magnesium actually makes fungal problems worse, especially candida, as shown in studies. I’d be curious to know Dr. Sircus’ opinion on that.

    • HK

      Where did you read that? Or are you having that problem? I am having all kinds of problems with rub on Mg so something is missing. Something is wrong. My syndrome X or metabolic syn. problems blew out of the water… My heart palps went through the roof so I am off it. There is a lot more to Transdermal Mg then rubbing it on. And i do have 40-50% of the Mg deficiency symptoms. So I do need something.

      • Lesley Standridge

        I have read and experienced that if you use Magnesium Oil, on say like I use it on my knees for joint pain. It gets tingly and itchy, it means that you are Deficient in this Mineral, and the more you use the more you get a handle on it. It has been proven that at least 80% Americans are Deficient in this Mineral. When there is something wrong in your body, your body is Deficient in something. Since we don’t have good soil to grow our food anymore, you have to fix the Deficiencies in your body, to rectify what’s going on within you.

    • Lesley Standridge

      Take a Probiotic and take at least 5 strains is recommended, Everyone should be on a Probiotic! Your intestines, is where everything starts….Disease, Cancer you name it comes from there. If your Gut isn’t Healthy, the Rest of you won’t be Healthy. Do your research about this, and you will find what I am telling you, is True!

      • Guest

        I’ve done the research Lesley dear. You’re preaching to the choir. But it isn’t as simple as ‘taking a probiotic’. Some strains increase histamine, some increase lactic acidosis, etc., etc..

    • Lesley Standridge

      You may not know this, but the human body already has Candida in our bodies, this is the way we were designed, this is why it can get out of control, if you eat the wrong things and there are a lot of things that increase Candida. White sugar, White Flour, White Bread, White rice and Dairy especially does this.

      • Guest

        And magnesium.

        And I did know that the body has candida. It’s a normal part of the gut’s ecosystem.

        • HK

          As I said below there is a whole lot more to a balancing the body then rubbing on Mg. Guess i will do a hair sample and try that. But my high blood sugar is back in full force. Thank you Guest… i will try some Ca. Cleaning out the cells should help the diabetes… but who knows what exactly to use for that… maybe some Boron. It will be a long process.

    • Penny Albritton

      New information, really helpful.

    • Kristie Ingram

      Depends on where you got your info from…there is a lot out there trying to…DISAPPROVE…all natural and healing treatments and discredit the good doctors that are trying to actually …HEAL PEOPLE !!!!

      • Guest

        Sigh…of course it depends on where you get your info. You don’t get it from the side of a probiotic label though, you do research to find out what strains will help or hurt your condition.

        Studies on PubMed show which strains increase histamine, which lower them, which help lower triglycerides, which don’t, which produce b vitamins, which don’t.

  • Suzan Wright

    Dr Sircus, you have a great and interesting article right here. Very helpful.

  • Lovina Kapoor

    Fenfuro is the best ayurvedic medicine for diabetes, which manage diabetes naturally, a chemically proven and US patented medicine.

  • Julia Petty

    I like Dr. Sircus very much! I am a nursing student of BNS program who will graduate next year. I will follow you all the way.

  • lungs sleep

    Amazing blog,helpful for those who wants to prevent theirself form diabetes.

  • Richard Lewis

    In Japan woman do not get breast cancer who are getting iodine every day from seaweed or liquid drops of it made for ingestion (not the iodine put on cuts). The dose is about 12mg a day. Yahoo “News Groups” has an “Iodine” news letter where people who are taking iodine talk about the health results they are getting from taking iodine every day.

  • Don

    In the above article, Mark Sircus stated that Cassia Cinnamon gained popularity as a treatment for diabetes when in actuality Ceylon Cinnamon is a much better treatment for diabetes because it does not contain coumarin like Cassia Cinnamon so it will not harm your liver when taken long term.

    • Richard Lewis

      Studies have shown that it is the “coumarin” that lowers the blood sugar. Ceylon cinnamon does not lower the blood sugar because it does not contain the coumarin. I would check your blood sugar after taking both the regular cinnamon and the Ceylon cinnamon to check the results.. Just be sure not to take more than one half teaspoon of the regular cinnamon a day to avoid damaging your liver.

      • Inez Aultman

        So, it would seem that the -6 gm recommended from the study would surely exceed the 1/2 tsp?

        • Richard Lewis

          What study are you referring to? Also, 2 table spoons of vinegar in water 15 minutes before you eat carbs, or sugar will lower blood sugar, as will bitter melon, alpha- lipoic acid, NAC, Gymnema Sylvestre, Holy Basil…You can forget about “Berberine,” which has been shown to alter your DNA and cause pancreatic cancer….It is also very bad for your liver due to the extreme bitterness of this herb.