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Published on May 9, 2022

If you are interested in living forever, know that enduring youth can be yours with enough oxygen. Dr. Arthur C. Guyton says, “All chronic pain, suffering, and diseases are caused by a lack of oxygen at the cell level.” Insufficient oxygen means insufficient biological energy resulting in anything from mild fatigue to life-threatening disease. “Oxygen plays a pivotal role in the proper functioning of the immune system,” said Dr. Parris M. Kidd. Low oxygen conditions lead directly to inflammation. Chronic inflammation mirrors our body’s low oxygen state.

Theo Zenou writes in The Washington Post, “Immortality might seem like the stuff of science fiction, yet it’s increasingly becoming the focus of real science. In 2013, Google launched Calico, a biotech firm whose objective is to “solve” death. PayPal co-founder Peter Thiel, meanwhile, has pledged to “fight” death. Immortality — or anti-aging, as researchers soberly call it — is the next big thing. Estimates put the industry’s worth at a staggering $610 billion by 2025.”

Scientists think they are writing a new chapter in the history of our quest for eternal life. They are not. These rich, super cool cats are barking up the wrong tree. The best is already available at low prices so that everyone can live longer and be healthier. But we need to forget about immorality and learn to enjoy our lives in the present.

Part of approaching any more extended existence
includes avoiding COVID vaccines like the plague.

I have written extensively about anti-aging and will summarise that work below. But today, we introduce something new to a list of substances that will undoubtedly be the tip of the spear in any anti-aging protocol: chlorine dioxide.

Chlorine Dioxide

In the simplest terms, chlorine dioxide allows one to clean our inner house. Our bodies need to be cleaned regularly for the best performance and longevity. The first thing chlorine dioxide will do as it surges into the blood is do a fantastic job of rejuvenating red blood cells. Almost instantly, more oxygen will flow through the blood, especially if magnesium and bicarbonate are included.

A clean house does a better job of circulating fresh oxygen to the cells, making them happy so they can continue singing the song of life with more endurance. In addition, chlorine dioxide solution acts as a biocide for highly effective killing of bacteria, viruses, fungi, spores, algae, mites, parasites, biofilms, and other pathogenic germs such as the dangerous Legionella and MRSA. Antibiotic-resistant fungi and bacteria come up on the short end of the stick when a navy of chlorine dioxide molecules comes to rip them apart.

A body free of these plagues is
undoubtedly going to live longer.

Detoxification and even chelation will be improved when you clean up the blood and tissues with chlorine dioxide. The engine of your life will hum when it’s cleaner. Oxidation is the ultimate detoxifier of everything by ‘reducing’ things to their most uncomplicated chemistry.

Even before I finally got to experience chlorine dioxide and inject it into my Natural Allopathic anti-aging protocol was a medical dream. We now have the knowledge and technology to extend our lives and enough medicinal firepower to press back against the hard edge of time, but the point is not to live forever. It’s to have a good life and enjoy health for a hundred years or more.

The tons of money poured into developing life-extension treatments and technology will not replace health fundamentals. The most credible life-extension methods and supplements have existed for decades, yet new exciting technologies like hydrogen inhalation have been with us for only a decade. Likewise, chlorine dioxide is just beginning to explode into the health and medical world though millions have already used it, and many public water systems depend on it.

Combining Therapies

The best methodology for reversing aging is to combine therapies that reinforce each other. Regular aerobic exercise is a must-do for anyone committed to slowing the aging process. Hundreds of studies show that exercise combats the loss of stamina, muscle strength, balance, and bone density that increases with age.

Any good anti-aging program is simultaneously anti-cancer, anti-stroke, and anti-heart disease, for all of these diseases shorten our lives. Anti-aging protocols are anti-disease.

The Protocol In A Nutshell

The heart of the protocol is now chlorine dioxide, hydrogen inhalation, EWOT (Exercise with Oxygen Therapy), bicarbonates, magnesium, iodine, selenium, sufficient sun exposure, complete hydration, the best tasting nutritional dense superfoods, breathing retraining, and enhanced emotional vulnerability (tapping into the full power of the heart).

Other vital additions like infrared therapy, medical marijuana, clay detox, and chelation therapies, including glutathione and Dr. Boyd Haleys chelator NBMI, can be included.

Living Longer with Bicarbonate

Research published recently in the Clinical Journal of the American Society of Nephrology found that having balanced bicarbonate levels in your body reduces the chances of early death. The study examined data compiled in the Health, Aging, and Body Composition Study for 2,287 participants.

Study author Dr. Kalani Raphael, associate professor and nephrology and hypertension specialist at the University of Utah, investigated pH, carbon dioxide, and bicarbonate associated with long-term survival. According to the University of Utah, “Critically ill patients with severe acid-base abnormalities have a very low likelihood of surviving their illness.”

Dr. Raphael found that low bicarbonate levels are linked to an increased risk of premature death by 24 percent. “What we found was that generally healthy older people with low levels of bicarbonate had a higher risk of death,” Raphael said. Bicarbonate deficiencies increase as we age. Addressing those deficiencies with the three types of bicarbonates ensures we live a healthier and longer life.

Bottom line. Bicarbonates are miracle medicines, and just because baking soda is dirt cheap, do not overlook this in your anti-aging protocol. The practice of pH Medicine, which gives us a handle on CO2 levels in the blood and thus oxygen levels, is handled best using bicarbonates.


Because magnesium deficiency causes all kinds of havoc with our cell physiology and worsens as we age, appropriate magnesium supplementation will help ensure you don’t age so fast. When magnesium is deficient, things begin to die, but our body physiology tends to hum along like a finely tuned racecar when our body’s magnesium levels are topped off. Most doctors do not want to acknowledge that magnesium deficiency can lead to cancer, thus a significant shortening of life. The same goes for diabetes and heart disease—magnesium deficiency brings on these diseases.

Light Deficiency as a Cause of Aging and Disease

We all know that too much sun can cause cancer; we cannot bake and burn ourselves to a crisp without consequences. However, a lack of sunlight can also cause cancer. Vitamin D deficiencies (lack of light) can lead to the development of prostate and breast cancer, memory loss, and an increased risk of developing dementia and schizophrenia.

Plants love to turn toward the light. They stretch for it, and so do we. Light, heat, color, warmth, energy, electrons, electricity, and electromagnetism all interact with the water in us, bringing increased energy and ATP production. Light animates us because we are light. We need light.

“It seems clear that light is the most important environmental input, after food, in controlling bodily function,” reported Dr. Richard J. Wurtman, a nutritionist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. “Sometimes I get the impression my dermatologist colleagues would be happiest if we lived in caves,” continues Wurtman, who recommends daily 20-minute walks at noon to get the sunlight we need.

Hydrogen Inhalation Therapy

You are looking at the ultimate anti-aging machines.

Hydrogen Medicine pushes against time. It is a wind that blows ICU patients away from death’s door and reasonably healthy people back toward youth. Dr. Nick Delgado says, “Mounting evidence suggests hydrogen therapy may be the fountain of youth we have been searching for. Hundreds of studies confirm it’s safe, but it’s also highly effective for the treatment of numerous diseases, enhancing energy and sports performance, and promoting optimal health and longevity.”

Hydrogen creates a homeostatic balance between oxidative stress and antioxidants. Molecular Hydrogen is a powerful antioxidant that helps defend cells and genes from damage and death caused by harmful free radicals. Hydrogen enhances longevity with its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties because aging is caused by tissue degeneration, oxidative stress, and inflammation.

EWOT – Exercise with Oxygen Therapy

EWOT is a technique that offers much higher therapeutic results than expensive, inconvenient hyperbaric chambers do. EWOT involves breathing high levels of oxygen while exercising. The higher oxygen level in the lungs creates a more significant head of pressure to drive oxygen into the pulmonary capillaries. As a result, the exercise moves the circulation faster, ensuring a greater oxygen carriage. Initially, the oxygen pressure in the veins rises as more oxygen gets through to the venous side. This oxygen allows the capillaries to repair their oxygen transfer mechanisms.


According to Dr. Harold Foster, death rates in the USA for cancer are lower when blood selenium levels are high. One critical study found that high blood levels of selenium are associated with a four to fivefold decrease in the risk of prostate cancer. Scientists at Stanford University studied 52 men who had prostate cancer and compared them to 96 men who didn’t.

Lipid Replacement Therapy (LRT) can restore and help maintain mitochondrial membrane function by replacing damaged mitochondrial membranes so the perfect form of selenium would have selenium bonded to a lipid. This form was developed by a surgeon in New York who used to inject it to treat cancer.

Open Radiating Heart

I have already written that open and radiating hearts stay young forever. The spiritual heart, when wide open, represents a fountain of youth and a force that helps us resist environmental insults, infections, and disease. There is nothing like love and an unselfish disposition to sustain a person through the decades.

Dr. Norman Shealy and Dr. Caroline Myss both believe that love of others and being loved are vital factors in improving the immune system, increasing life expectancy, and creating overall happiness. What does love have to do with stress-free living? “Everything!” says Dr. Brenda Schaeffer

Don’t Forget the Glutathione

Dr. Rajagopal Viswanath Sekhar, an associate professor of medicine-endocrinology at Baylor College of Medicine, says that mitochondria can play a vital role in slowing down aging. The anti-aging supplement that Dr. Sekhar and his colleagues tested increases glutathione. Glutathione is a natural antioxidant found in cells. This antioxidant is vital in protecting our bodies from oxidative stress and protection from mercury and other toxic metals.

The levels of glutathione in our bodies decrease as we age. When that happens, our bodies experience more oxidative stress, and our mitochondrial start to function less efficiently. Dr. Sekhar was able to increase the life span of mice by correcting their glutathione deficiency.

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